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2019 IN vs IL All Star Classic Duals - 25th Annual - March 17

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29 minutes ago, Y2CJ41 said:

Your 12 emails have been sent to website administrators across the globe.

YES ! 

The MILLIONS & MILLIONS of Wrestling Fans chanting. Listen to them. 

Notorious..... over and over .....

I have #Evolved into Global Icon ! 


The Notorious 


*public service announcement*

Notorious ™️©️®️ 



Indiana All-Stars Wins this dual ! 

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1 hour ago, ontherise219 said:

Rsn is not doing the coverage. But it sounds like there will be some coverage 

I mean we can just grab my iPad and go impromptu Facebook live lol - Lots of Region kids on the team :) 


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On 3/11/2019 at 11:24 AM, Academy said:

Live Stream will be at:


Event location:                               

Culver Academies High School

1300 Academy Road

Culver, IN  46511

 Saturday, March 16                       

Location – Culver Academies Wrestling Room             

1:00 pm    Team Indiana workout in Culver Academies wrestling room                                                

3:00 pm    Weigh-in Indiana team

3:00 pm    Team Illinois workout in Culver Academies wrestling room

5:00 pm    Weigh-in Illinois team


Sunday, March 17                         

Location – Fleet Gymnasium at Culver Academies

10:00 am    Brunch for the athletes in Dining Hall

12:00 pm    Pictures and warm-up                

1:00 pm     Introductions (t-shirt exchange), National Anthem and wrestle



 - Wrestlers will wear their high school uniform (warm-up, singlet, headgear, and shoes).

- The Indiana High School Wrestling Coaches Association will provide each wrestler with a t-shirt to exchange and one to keep for themselves.  Also bring a tee shirt from your school to give to your opponent!


If you have any questions call Matt Behling Cell 574-930-0676 or email matthew.behling@culver.org.  Hotels are listed below:

Culver Cove Lakeside Condominiums$162

319 E Jefferson St, Culver, IN 46511•(574) 842-2683

The Culver Cove is very close to the High School and is located on the lake.  These are not hotel rooms, but condominiums.  


Holiday Inn Express & Suites Plymouth$95

2-star hotel

2619 N Michigan St, Plymouth, IN 46563•(574) 936-2444


Swan Lake Resort and Conference Center$84

3-star hotel

5203 Plymouth Laporte Trail, Plymouth, IN 46563•(574) 935-5680


Super 8 by Wyndham Plymouth

2-star hotel

2160 N Oak Dr, Plymouth, IN 46563•(574) 914-4851




Could you give a ticket price?  Little kids also. Thanks. 

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Good news!  No ticket price.

You can watch the duals online livestream at https://livestream.com/culveracademies/events/8588474

You can also link to the same live stream on facebook live at https://www.facebook.com/culverathletics/

The duals will also be in Trackwrestling.

Coach Behling


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7 hours ago, diamondintheruff said:

Is brewer bringing PB&J sammiches for team indiana

Up to him. He legit eats them everyday.  Really just planning on going up representing the state, taking care of business, and not ruffling any more feathers at culver. All about team Indiana. Same as it has always been all the other times that he represented on a national team. It’s gonna be a great dual. 

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106 Colin Reagan (INDIANA BLUE) over Guillermo Juarez (ILLINOIS REAGAN) Fall 3:15  6.0 0
113 Kooper Loehr (ILLINOIS REAGAN) over Jake Armstrong (INDIANA BLUE) TF 16-0  0 5.0
120 Chris Stewart (INDIANA BLUE) over Bradley Ritter (ILLINOIS REAGAN) SV-1 6-4  3.0 0
126 Brock Peele (INDIANA BLUE) over Michael Myers (ILLINOIS REAGAN) Maj 15-7  4.0 0
132 Geremia Brooks (INDIANA BLUE) over Noah Paul (ILLINOIS REAGAN) Dec 14-9  3.0 0
138 Ezra Elliott (ILLINOIS REAGAN) over Braxton Alexander (INDIANA BLUE) Maj 12-2  0 4.0
138 B Connor Gimson (INDIANA BLUE) over Riley Palm (ILLINOIS REAGAN) Dec 3-2  3.0 0
145 Nick Termini (ILLINOIS REAGAN) over Jake Burford (INDIANA BLUE) Maj 16-4  0 4.0
145 B Unknown (Unattached) vs Unknown (Unattached) 0 0
152 Leo Mushinsk (ILLINOIS REAGAN) over Cole Cervantes (INDIANA BLUE) Dec 5-2  0 3.0
160 Brooks Davis (INDIANA BLUE) over Mason Ajster (ILLINOIS REAGAN) Fall 3:16  6.0 0
170 Dominic Murphy (ILLINOIS REAGAN) over Logan Hart (INDIANA BLUE) SV-1 10-8  0 3.0
182 Jalen Morgan (INDIANA BLUE) over Gabe Friedrichs (ILLINOIS REAGAN) Dec 9-3  3.0 0
182 B Bradley Rosman (INDIANA BLUE) over Jake Woodrey (ILLINOIS REAGAN) Dec 8-7  3.0 0
195 KJ Roudebush (INDIANA BLUE) over Max Gomez (ILLINOIS REAGAN) SV-1 7-5  3.0 0
220 Jacob Bullock (ILLINOIS REAGAN) over Jacob Bolte (INDIANA BLUE) Fall 0:30  0 6.0
285 Ian Kuehl (ILLINOIS REAGAN) over Jamichaels Watts (INDIANA BLUE) Maj 10-1  0 4.0
Dual Meet Score 34.0 29.0

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106 Guillermo Juarez (ILLINOIS LINCOLN) over Sean Johnson (INDIANA GOLD) Fall 5:02  0 6.0
113 Michael Leveille (ILLINOIS LINCOLN) over Martin Cruz (INDIANA GOLD) Dec 12-9  0 3.0
120 Michael Jaffe (ILLINOIS LINCOLN) over Evan Beasley (INDIANA GOLD) Maj 13-5  0 4.0
126 Hunter Watts (INDIANA GOLD) over Anthony Molton (ILLINOIS LINCOLN) SV-1 4-2  3.0 0
132 Asa Garcia (INDIANA GOLD) over Domenic Zaccone (ILLINOIS LINCOLN) Dec 6-5  3.0 0
138 Cayden Rooks (INDIANA GOLD) over Justin Benjamin (ILLINOIS LINCOLN) Dec 7-2  3.0 0
138 B Antwaun Graves (INDIANA GOLD) over Maxwell Kristoff (ILLINOIS LINCOLN) Dec 9-2  3.0 0
145 Trevor Chumbley (ILLINOIS LINCOLN) over Isiah Mohammed (INDIANA GOLD) TF 15-0  0 5.0
145 B Unknown (Unattached) vs Unknown (Unattached) 0 0
152 Jake Stiles (ILLINOIS LINCOLN) over Jack Schoenegge (INDIANA GOLD) Dec 7-2  0 3.0
160 Donnell Washington (INDIANA GOLD) over Jared Head (ILLINOIS LINCOLN) Dec 9-5  3.0 0
170 Nick South (INDIANA GOLD) over Major Dedmond (ILLINOIS LINCOLN) Dec 3-0  3.0 0
182 Carson Brewer (INDIANA GOLD) over Mounes Betancourt (ILLINOIS LINCOLN) TF 18-3  5.0 0
182 B Unknown (Unattached) vs Unknown (Unattached) 0 0
195 Nick Willham (INDIANA GOLD) over Elliott Fox (ILLINOIS LINCOLN) Fall 2:59  6.0 0
220 Ramin Abraham (ILLINOIS LINCOLN) over AJ Fowler (INDIANA GOLD) Dec 7-3  0 3.0
285 Alex Cartwright (INDIANA GOLD) over Aydin Guttridge (ILLINOIS LINCOLN) Dec 3-2  3.0 0
Dual Meet Score 32.0 24.0

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