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All Suite Folk - Bankers Life is on high alert this year as they’ve had major problems w suite overcrowding, ticket transfers over the glass, theft of some security walkie talkies last year, etc. 

I just got a pretty intense warning email from the head of Pacers/Bankers saying anyone caught passing tickets will be ejected and the suite ticket confiscated. Further, for the first time, they are making our competing wrestlers have tickets for suite access. And, they are stamping hands and punching tickets at the suite entrance for the first time ever. 

Long story short, suite access is on thin ice for this event. Please be vigilant this year with managing the amount of people in your suite. Either 20 or 24 people depending on size. 

Lets show the Pacers that we are a worthy crowd at the suite level and for the whole venue in general. 

Good luck to all! 

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12 hours ago, TripleB said:

The rake the Indiana Wrestling Community over the coals for $$, nothing is on thin ice. 

The venue isn’t on thin ice, the suites are. IHSAA Wrestling State in Suites = sparsely populated suites, full event security/pay for 3 long sessions, low food count orders, no alcohol, twice the problems of a regular event, much less profitability = not worth it for the Pacers. 

Not trying to be a parent, but don’t want to lose this amenity! 

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1 hour ago, Y2CJ41 said:

Who is buying the IndianaMat crew a suite?

I got $20 to throw at you Friday nite so you can put that towards the suite seats

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