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My new castle semi state preview

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New castle semi state taking place at “The Big Green Dome” in New Castle , Indiana. The big green dome built in 1959 holds a whopping 9,325 people. This being one of the largest gyms in the nation and some great wrestling is about to go down there and I can smell it in the air.


FYI if you have never been to the Big Green Dome you are in for a treat if you bring some extra spending money for the concessions. They have the best hot dogs   I really don’t know what it is about these hot dogs but they just melt in your mouth then take a big gulp of their awesome Mountain Dew and you will have one tasty belch.


But let’s get into it boys and girls


Boy oh Boy , here it is SEMI STATE. My second to favorite weekend of the year. The weekend where dreams come true and dreams are crushed. Let’s get into some predictions for this years New Castle Semi State ( hosted at the biggest GREEN DOME IN THE WORLD) like seriously guys it’s huge.


My first prediction is that a lot of tears will be shed. Wrestling is an emotional sport and when you really leave everything on the mat but come up short, it hurts. Speaking of hurting the 106 weight class has to deal with Alex Cottey of Perry Meridian:



The field is headed by undefeated and returning state runner up Alex Cottey. Also in the field is #4 Suhas Chundi, although his record looks a little rough he is a complete stud. Other wrestlers include #7 Carlton Perry, #9 Elijah Anthony, #10 Logan Carrendar, and #15 Kody Glithero.


My first round predictions










Ticket round

Folks if you attend I suggest you grab your popcorn during the first round because you’ll need it for the start of the ticket round headlined by #10 Carrendar vs #9 Alexander and #4 Chundi vs #15 Glithero . My predictions our that Cottey will pin Condo and run over and watch Carrendar vs Anthony with the rest of you. Carrendar will sneak past Anthony by dec , Perry over Crousore quite easily I might add, and Chundi over Glithero however I believe this match could go either way with a seasoned vet of Perry lurking in the semi finals I can’t wait guys.

Picks in order

  1. Alex “too good” Cottey

  2. Suhas “I cut weight better than everyone else” Chundi

  3. Carlton “Banks” Perry

  4. Logan “ backpack” Carrendar



This weight however is not as exciting as 106 is still bringing the heat to the bigger version of West Vigos Green dome. Like seriously the BIG GREEN DOME is 4x the size of the puny West Vigo Fieldhouse. Headlined by Freshman phenom Zeke Seltzer , Christian White brother of State Champion Alec White (who can’t forget the absolute thriller of a match that he won over returning TWO time State Champ Colton Cummings), Jake Simone (Returning ticket rounder), and returning state placer David Pierson.


First Round picks










Ticket Round Predictions

This weight is very boring for the ticket round so you can sit back and relax after that exhausting first ticket round at 106


Seltzer vs Haggerty

I believe Haggerty has a slight advantage due to him being a sophomore, but seltzer has wrestled forever and has done very well this season. Look for him to get the swamp there first state bound wrestler in this match. Seltzer takes it 6-3


Hughes vs White

I believe Michael Vick will be in the building for this one because it will be a literal dog fight, White is in the Shadow of his brother I believe he will come out barking so better watch out I believe he wins this one 3-2 in ultimate overtime.


Simone vs Johnson

I talked to Simone last week after he defeated Sv legend Dominic Brooks. Simone was pissed off about losing in the ticket round and claimed he will pin his way to state this year. That being said I got Simone pinning Johnson with a headlock


Pierson vs Jefferson

Returning state placer knows deep down that he will have to wrestle his hardest to make it back onto Bankers life floor next week. Jefferson ain’t no slouch being a semi state qualifier a year ago. I’ll take Pierson in this bout but expect for this one to go down to the wire because Jefferson is dangerous in any position.


Picks in order

  1. Zeke “Alka” Seltzer

  2. David “That’s my Momma” Pierson

  3. Christian “Already better than Alec” White

  4. Jacob “I beat Dom Brooks” Simone



This weight will be one of the best to ever come through this ENLARGED Green Dome (It really is oversized, what’s the deal with that?). In the field you got Brayden Lowery, Carson Eldred, Harrison Hadley, Christopher Stewart , Logan Gailbraith , and Parker Mosley.


First round Picks










Ticket round

This might be the best ticket round in the state. It’s bringing some serious heat ( maybe this is the cause of global warming @ Al Gore) to this semi state buckle your seatbelts folks your in for a ride


Eldred vs Otto

Eldred a returning state placer and possibly the best leg rider I’ve ever seen looks to make it back to the bank I believe he will pin Otto with a move coming from a leg ride on top , good season Otto and I’m sorry because I can feel your pain of his leg riding.


Lowery vs Johnson/ Condo

Lowery a two time state placer also a leg rider I’m so sorry new castle 120 semi state. I believe this match will last up until 1 minute but will not finish the first period. Brayden Lowery congrats you’re going back to the bank but I’m sorry condo and Johnson you are unfortunately done for this season, heck of a run by two studs. That’s what happens at this OVERSIZED GREEN DOME good kids seasons come to a sad end.


Hadley vs Stewart

This might be my favorite one of the day Senior Hadley will look to make it back to the bank but he has a very tough , very very tough Christopher stewart to go through. I believe this will come down to the wire but Stewart gets the fall in the third period and Hadley holds his head high because he wrestled his tail off.


Galbraith vs Moseley

This one will be a good one Parker Moseley a returning ssq is a beast. Wrestling with Seth Johnson everyday probably makes him better. For Galbraith to win this match he will need to ride Mosley. Galbraith also had an injury in the season, I got Moseley in this one but really don’t count Gailbraith out this one will be a fun one.


Picks in order

  1. Brayden “ Ill spladle you” Lowery

  2. Christopher “not Tony” Stewart

  3. Carson “ been here before” Eldred

  4. Parker “I got 4th but still happy ” Moseley


This is a loaded weight and will be an awesome to watch. Headed by Logan Wagner returning state placer and brother of wabash stand out and state placer  Kody, #9 Chase Wilkerson , #11 Jevian Ross , #18 undefeated Grant Stapleton , and #6 Lukasz Walendzak .

First round predictions go as follows


Ticket round


Stapleton vs Walendzak

This will be a very interesting one where Stapleton who used to practice with mason Parris the animal who is as big as the Green dome this match will take place in. And Walendzak a two time state placer meet. Walendzak took a loss last week but I believe he will use his swampy powers in this one to knock off unbeaten Stapleton.


Slivka vs Brown

Sam Slivka, obviously related to THE Jordan Slivka, has been taking lessons from his cousin and it is showing. Brown who shocked Mattingly in the first round at last years semi state for most of the match is no slouch and should not be looked past. He beat Walendzak, however I was not in attendance, but I heard through the grapevine that that match was rigged (The rigging going on in this country is ridiculous, Many Democrats are trying to prove that Donald Trump rigged the election with the help of Mother Russia. I believe this is completely false and we could not be a truly free nation if we allowed for other countries to rig our elections and our 126 matches I’m sorry for the little rant it grinds my gears when things are rigged )With this being said, no one can rig a match with the flawless officiating that occurs in the Big Green Dome, therefore Slivka gets it done over the stud Brown , however look for this stud in the next couple years at Bankers Life.


Ross vs Wilkerson

Ross ranked 11 and Wilkerson ranked 9 this will be a good match. Both are battle tested and both ready for war . This will be worth the admission with that being said I will have to go with Wilkerson in this one.


Wagner vs McKee

In this one Wagner seems to be the clear favorite however don’t count out McKee because he could possibly be related to two Minnesota wrestlers in Pat and Mitch. I cannot prove this to be true so I won’t count him out but Logan Wagner has a Sammy brooks demeanor and is very hard to beat. One day he might wrestle for the hawks ( he has an Iowa like style) But be ready for this Sammy brooks look alike to win this match.


Picks in order

  1. Lukasz “ It was rigged” Walendzak

  2. Logan “Sammy Brooks Jr” Wagner

  3. Chase “ the ball” Wilkerson

  4. Sam “ cousin of Jordan” Slivka



Ohhhhh baby I’m ready for this one to go down in the big green dome. This weight includes Logan Bailey state 3rd placer ( the Bailey curse shall be broken this year) last year who finally found out what food was after last season to get all the way up to 132 haha just kidding but hit a growth spurt and fills out the weight class nicely , Seth Johnson a state placer two years ago, Alec viduya a state champion two years ago, and Milo Merkel however fairly unknown he defeated a current wabash wrestler in Rodney Lee Hendricks the third at the north Montgomery regional a year ago.


First round picks










Ticket Round

This weight class makes me want to rub my tummy looking at these ticket round matches.


Brown vs Merkel

This looks to be a really good one between two guys that know how to scrap, Brown from Cambridge city looks to be a state qualifier for one of the first times in school history , Merkel has put in work at CIA wrestling academy over the summer and definitely has the ability to win.


Bailey vs Beatty

This will be a very good match with bailey the brother of iu wrestler Breydan Bailey who lost to Jason nolf in a close one this year faces Beatty who is no slouch. Beatty has been training at warren wrestling academy for awhile will likely challenge bailey to a good match but I’ll take bailey in this one.


Viduya vs Wilkerson

Viduya state champion who is known for his quote of “ working my ass off” will easily win this match because Wilkerson is good but is just no match for a stud of viduyas caliber.


Johnson vs Bryant

Seth Johnson is the clear favorite. He is a very technical wrestler and looks to make it back to the bank I got him by fall in this one.


Picks in order

  1. Alec “ Im winning this year” Viduya

  2. Logan “ breydan but I don’t get 3rd” Bailey

  3. Seth “ I miss being 106” Johnson

  4. Milo “ and Otis” Merkel



Although this weight may seem like there isn’t that many known guys trust me these guys can scrap and it for sure will make the crowd happy. This weight is led by Tyce Freije looking to make a trip back to the bank after losing the the ticket round last year and Chris Wilkerson


First round picks










Ticket round matches

Wilkerson vs lauy

Lauy has a very unorthodox way of wrestling so I will never count him out but I will go with Wilkerson in this one.


Freije vs Luhmann

Luhmann is a beast and proved he can wrestle with anybody but Freije is looking to return to the bank so I will pick him in this one.


Holman vs Smith

Smith is a beast and Holman is a regional champ but smith has been grinding all season and I have to go with him in this one.


Phillips vs Rowlett

Phillips undefeated and an absolute beast and trying to get redemption after ending on an injury last year will try to make it to state but standing in his way is Rowlett ,a senior , is trying to return to state to end his career so with that I choose Rowlett in this awesome match up.


Picks in order

1.Tyce “south side rebellion is alive” Freije

2. Gabe “no Johns not my dad” Smith

3.Jared “going to the bank” rowlett

4.Chris “back to the bank” Wilkerson



Let’s just say that if Crae Kunkleman did not exist this would be the weight class I would be looking forward to the most. This weight class is headlined by stars such as Aiden Warren and Alex Mosconi. There is a dark horse, Shane Bates, who is well coached with two former Purdue wrestlers as his coaches so I would not sleep on him. Although the first round has some pretty straightforward matchups that will set up for excellent ticket round and placement bouts. Seven of the top eight ranked wrestlers at the new castle semistate will wrestle in this first round. Four of them are ranked in the top five at 145. They all will do work in the Dome this Saturday.


First round picks










Ticket Round


Theriot vs Warren

Warren is only a sophomore but as his record shows, his is what the kids these days call “deece”. I believe that is short for decent but I’m not entirely sure. Anyway, he’ll get the job done and move on.


Mosconi vs Wright

Mosconi is very highly rated in the state so some would consider him the favorite but you can never count out a senior, this would be the grade of Noah Wright, therefore he can not be counted out. With this being said, he still loses to fellow senior Alex Mosconi


Graves vs Dunasky

A battle of the 4 and 5 ranked wrestlers in the New Castle Semistate to get to the state tournament. Now I am new to this but I believe that is how it’s supposed to work. Well done Indianamat. I have Graves getting the job done.


Hall vs Leavell

Look at that. Indianamat does it again #3 Hall vs #6 Leavell. If I didn’t know any better I’d say they make the brackets. This will be a great match with Leavell doing his best to keep his career alive, sadly I don’t believe he will. Hall by decision


Now here is a great weight class for some state qualified wrestling. We have Warren vs Mosconi and Graves vs Hall.


Warren vs Mosconi

I do not see a clear favorite here because Mosconi beat Warren in the season but Warren’s cousin beat me so there is no favorite. Sorry to you gamblers out there. I believe that just like in the season Mosconi will win a very tight one. I would not be surprised to see some tempers flare in this one.


Graves vs Hall

Another great matchup here. Graves coming from the same school that graduated the legend Keyaun Murphy. Hall coming from the school that I don’t know any greats from but I know there’s been some. I’ll give the favor to Graves on a -2  (O/U 10). In some good, high pace action we will see Graves end up with the win and go to his match against Mosconi


Placement Matches


Warren vs Hall

A duel of sophomores who are probably not done seeing each other this season. Warren will be fired up from his tight match in the semifinals vs Mosconi and he will come out and put it to Hall early. Despite the late comeback Warren will still get it done


Mosconi vs Graves

This will possibly be the best championship match of the day. The dome will erupt when Mosconi gets the sealing takedown for his win over Warren in the semis. It is sad there has to be a loser here considering they both are undefeated on the day. I see this going similar to the semifinal match Mosconi was in. He will get the approval of the crowd when he wins his second semistate title.


My picks

  1. Alex “I win close matches” Mosconi

  2. Antwaun “ I beat Kasper” Graves

  3. Aiden “stop sleeping on me” Warren

  4. Bryer “South Dearborn Legend” Hall



After watching that loaded 145 we are going to cool it down for you in this bracket. Headed by returning state runner up Elliot Rodgers. What can I say this dude is a beast when it comes to the post season. Also in the field lurks Sammy Fair who is also a state runner up from last year at 120. And Brice Coleman is also in the mix. Cooper noehre is also in the field who lost a heartbreaker in ot to go to state last year.


First round picks










Ticket round matches

These prove there should be wrestlebacks at semi state


Rodgers vs Coleman

In this match we have two top ten ranked guys. Coleman unfortunately got 2nd last week and got the death draw but I will not count him out because Rodgers also got the death draw I got Rodgers in this one but Coleman ain’t no slouch look for him to try and upset Elliot.


Davin vs Fair

Davin was a regional champ but it seems he didn’t get a “fair” draw. As my favorite quote goes “The only thing that makes life unfair is the delusion that it should be fair”. This has nothing to do with the match result but it’s a good saying and it has one wrestlers last name in it. Anyway, I got Fair 6-3 over Davin good season buddy


Otto vs Mangus

Here is another south Dearborn guy who trains with the south Dearborn legend but I believe Mangus coached by Chad And Doug Welch can not be counted out with his beautiful sweep single.  He will throw the whole kitchen sink at Otto. I take Mangus in this close match.


Noehre vs Williamson

Williamson recovering from wrist surgery last season will have a tough road ahead of him. He will fight and fight but I believe Noehre will be to tough for him to handle.


Picks in order

  1. Elliot “Not Aaron” Rodgers

  2. Cooper “I got” Noehre

  3. Sammy “not so” Fair

  4. Matthew “ I really just did this” Mangus



Well Indianamat clearly didn’t work their magic on this one because there’s four top seven New Castle semistate guys, in one quarter! “Professionals”. Speaking of professionals, Jordan Slivka is basically one at winning. Last year he clutched out a state title with a win in the state tournament over Kasper McIntosh. This year he has been churning out dubs as well.


First Round Picks

This one is a little tougher than the past two but as usual I will do my best. There are a couple of studs here that get easy wins but there is also tight matches

My Picks



Lohrey (Although anyone named Andy is always tough against semistate qualifier she )


Slivka (No easy matches on the day)

Hiner (Not to be confused with Hiney)




Ticket Round

This will be a very interesting round. Full of close matches.


Lowe vs Harrington

Although Lowe has already beaten Harrington this season, I believe that Harrington has enough fight in him to avenge his previous loss for him to do this it will have to include not allowing Lowe to get to his legs because Lowe has one of the highest finish rates once he has your legs after Harrington wins he will take his non ranking in semistate ( via Indianamat)  and tell them to “shove it”u


Lohrey vs Moore

After a tough victory over the senior Miller, Moore will not get a full recovery before facing Stud Hayden Lohrey. Lohrey will come out firing and punch his ticket to the Bank.


Slivka vs Hiner

Slivka will have his second difficult match of the day. He wrestles ninth ranked Ronan Hiner. Hiner also having a tough first round match wrestling Andrew Roth, drill partner of Grant Stapleton (Probably). Considering both’s wrestling abilities and styles, I believe Slivka will be victorious.


Davis vs Sharp

Don’t let Sharp’s record fool you, he deserves to be in this match. He will prove this when he earns the first takedown over Brooks Davis before getting reversed, slammed, turned, and pinned. Good match here


Slivka vs Davis (semis)

This will be an awesome match, but I can’t promise high scoring. Davis a returning state placer and Slivka a returning state champion look to do battle for the second time this season. This match could go either way , if Slivka takes this match into overtime there is no way I will bet against him. This kid has the most heart I’ve ever seen. He’s very hard to score on and he can ride you for a full two minutes which makes him almost impossible to beat. For Davis to win this match he will need to end it in 6 minutes. I’m taking Slivka in an overtime battle.


My Picks in Order

  1. Jordan “clutch” Slivka

  2. Hayden “I’m placing this year” Lohrey

  3. Brooks “I deserved second” Davis

  4. Bradley “Momma I made it” Harrington



This will be a good weight to watch. Headlined by three returning state placers in Cody Klettheimer , Elijah Mahan, and Tucker Coffman. Be ready for this weight to be a straight scrap.


First round picks










Ticket round matches

Refill your popcorn folks this is going to be a good one starting hot out the gates


Saez vs Wagner

Saez a ticket rounder and uindy commit will look to make it over the hump in his last go around. Saez is a beast on his feet so if he can maintain the match in neutral look for him to be wrestling next Friday in Indy.


Mahan vs Kendrex

Mahan a returning state placer will look to make it back to the bank but in his way is Drake kendrex a returning state qualifier this will be now easy task but look for Mahan to come out on top.


Coffman vs Lowe

This will be a very hard fought match. With two seniors going head to head. Lowe lost his first match last week and Coffman is a returning state placer. This one is a toss up but I’ll go with Coffman but like I said it could go either way.


Klettheimer vs Hart

This will be a wild one with 2 time state qualifier Klettheimer vs 3 time ssq Logan hart , hart has wins over saez and Mahan this season but I don’t know if that will be enough to get over the jump this season I’ll take Klettheimer in a close match.


Picks in order

  1. Cody “My name is tattooed on my back” Klettheimer

  2. Elijah “Patrick Mahomes lookalike” Mahan

  3. Tucker “In when you leave” Coffman

  4. Kyle “I do what my momma” Saez



This is a very loaded bracket I can tell this one will be a good one. This bracket is headed by JD Farrell , he is strong as an ox , Cameron Bacon, and Jalen Morgan. Recently there has been Instagram beef between Bacon and Morgan where Morgan claimed to Bacon “ to put the money where his mouth is” however this will not involve money he was implying for Bacon to prove he can beat him.


First round picks










Ticket round matches

These matches make me fired up. I can’t wait for these to go down good luck boys put on a show!!


Flipovich vs farrell

Normally I would probably select Flipovich but looking at Farrell’s results he is a returning ticket rounded and pinned fellow ticket rounder Roehm at regionals I’m choosing him in this one


Combs vs sterett

Combs a senior looks to be a good wrestler and sterett also a senior so the loser goes home forever to a pit of regret and sadness and their lives will likely never be the same because they wish they would have won the match but they didn’t so they sit in disbelief for awhile, however I choose sterett


Bacon vs dycus

Bacon is the clear favorite , but Dycus can’t be slept on because he hails from the great Warren Central who are always tough as hails, I’ll take Backn via fall in this one , have fun at bankers bacon eat some eggs for me


Morgan vs viel

I’ll take Morgan because I want to see him versus Bacon. Although having Viel win will set up a comical matchup between two wrestlers having last names of cuts of meats!!



the match everyone in the big green dome is waiting for I’ll take Morgan in this one due to him being a state qualifier a year ago. Morgan doesn’t score a lot but In return is very hard to score on. He’s a hammer on top and can ride and even turn you if he needs too. I’m taking Morgan in this one.


Picks in order

  1. Jalen “I’m the 12th best 182 pounder in the state” Morgan

  2. J.D “John Deere” Farrell

  3. Cameron “Chris P.” Bacon

  4. P.J “Papa Johns” Sterett


Now this weight is a doozy. Many potential stars that could finally punch their ticket to the greatest venue in sports, Bankers Life. Many will try and avoid the inevitable and escape the GREAT GREEN DOME. However, their is sure to be failures and dreams crushed. But that’s beside the point as 4 lucky contestants/wrestlers will achieve glory, (Not to be mistaken for Pat Glory) and will fulfill their dreams. No more waiting around let’s get right in to it.


First Round Picks










Ticket Round aka The Ticket Round

These matchups are just crazy and once again IndianaMat puts on a stellar bracket to create some fiery matchups that will surely make the BIG GREEN DOME erupt in insanity. Without further ado let’s jump in:


Heldt vs Roudebush

First of all, I can’t even pronounce either of these kids last names but that’s besides the point. Anyhow, Heldt, hailing from Carmel he is a sure fire winner in this matchup as he is an absolute unit. This guy will score and score and score until the opponent is begging for mercy. He has claimed 1st place in sectionals (which is hard to do let me tell ya) and regionals. Not to mention an impressive placement at conference aswell. MIC is nothing to joke about. However you can’t count of my main man KJ “The destroyer” Roudebush. He is another powerhouse who can take you down and you’re still looking for your GF in the stands to see if she actually showed up. Furthermore, he sports an impressive record of 24-2 which is absolutely mind boggling. But despite his stellar season, the LARGE GREEN DOME takes another victim. Finals score 8-3.  


Lane vs Pierce

Now this a classic showdown of two top tier schools that consistently bring kids to state. However, one shall fall and one shall perish. My guy Austin “The freight train” Lane is having a amazing season with only 4 losses to his name this year. You heard it right folks, 4 LOSSES. Not just anyone can do that. Anyhow, Blaine Pierce is out for blood, he’s looking for redemption as he’s consistently placed 2nd in Sect., Reg, and Conference. After not making it out of regionals last year, he is fired up to the max. However, “The Freight Train” has punched his ticket to State but is a close one indeed. Final score 5-3, with both guys gasping for air because they just laid it all out on the line for the fans.


Medlen vs Bynum

I once had a teacher with the last name Bynum but it was spelt Byrum. Little different but it’s aight.  Medlen is from Westfield and not their bitter rivals Eastfield. After defeating Tanner “The Mirror” Dreher at regionals this past weekend but yet falling to Joey Shew of Clinton, Indiana he is sure to make a scene once on the mat. After failing to achieve 1st place once this season, he comes to the Dome, (not the Dom) to achieve greatness. He has an impressive record of 29-9 as a SENIOR. My god I don’t think anyone can stop him. But wait… Tremor “The Earthquake” Bynum is the man of the day. As he will not only take down Medlen but will be victorious with a FALL!!! Oh my lord people this weight class is off the hook. He’s sure to make the BIG GREEN DOME erupt (get it cause his name is tremor lol).

Final score Fall 2:34


Silas vs Shew

The matchup of the day that everyone will surely be on the edge of their seats. Silas is an absolute stud. From a relatively known powerhouse school of Shenandoah. This school just keeps pumping out units. He is pure muscle as he is out for revenge after falling to accomplish 1st prize last year at Bankers. He sports a spotless 27-0 record for his Junior campaign. Absolute beast-like. Silas still has another year of competition left for his high school years. So if he takes the crown this year, surely no one will be able to stop this absolute beast. Even with all his accomplishments you can’t count out Joey “The Farmer” Shew. He is built of raw power after chucking hay bales during the summer. You what they say about baling hay, I don’t know personally but maybe you will. Anyways, Joey shows a stud-like record of 20-3 as a Sophomore. That is very impressive for sophomore from the small podunk town of Clinton Indiana, where you’re driving trucks or spitting chaw. Now South Vermillion Wildcats will be his future alma mater (the true Wildcats, not the Evansville MildCats). This match will be an absolute blood bath, as it can go two ways. Either a quick pin or a brutal full 6-minute match with people biting their lips from the intensity. However, Silas will come home victorious with Shew left in his Shoes. Final Score 17-3.


Semi Final matches


Heldt vs Lane

Heldt has beaten Lane before but today is a new day, famous words from the legend himself, Jon C. Spurr. After escaping the wrath of Pierce, Lane is in store for yet another Pay Per View matchup with a complete stud of Heldt. But Lane is surely not gonna let this happen again. This powerhouse of a kid is gonna make it through to the finals. An absolute uproar will make the crowd go crazy and his day has come. Final score 6-4.


Bynum vs Allred

Easy... Allred wins. Thank u, Next (Classic song,  give it a listen if you haven’t)

Final score Fall 4:14




Allred vs Lane

My god people, this is a classic showdown of two titans. The unstoppable Austin “Freight Train” Lane versus the impenetrable Silas “I’m built like a silo” Allred. This upcoming Cornhusker will be tested today. Silas is a absolute unit as I said previously, especially in neutral position. He can score from anywhere on his feet. I doubt even Bo Nickal could take him down, trust me I know. He waved at me once. Anyhow, even more, he’s a tank on top. As he will put you on your back quicker than the ref can say “Twoooooooooooo”. He will have you counting lights all day. Despite this, “Freight Train” will put up a durable fight as he is no pushover. These two haven’t met yet, but Lane will be out for blood after falling to Current PURDUE BOILERMAKER Thomas Penola to end his season last year. He’s wanting that ticket more than the fat kid off of Willy Wonka. After placing 2nd for two years running at Marion County Conference. He is fired up and ready to start chugging along the tracks and mowing down anyone in his way. Austin hails from the Prestigious Perry Meridian Falcons. Can a falcon even wrestle?? Anyways, Lane will put up a good fight but will be surely taken care of by Silas. An amazing run to the finals but will surely come up short. Finals score 13-4 SILAS ALLRED.


Final Picks

  1. Silas “Cornfed” Allred

  2. Austin “Freight Train” Lane

  3. Jack “ Can’t pronounce my last name” Heldt

  4. Tremor “The earthquake” Bynum


The pin times may be very precious to you guys, but trust me on this. I know my stuff, I’ve been to sectionals 4 times… in a row. Tell me if anyone else has done that. I’ll be waiting.



This one looks to be wide open with the graduating of an absolute tank of a person like seriously mason parris could bulldoze through the huge green dome. But look for Andrew Irick, Taylor Webster, and Kyle Cornwell to really scrap this weekend. All these wrestlers have the ability to be standing on the podium next Saturday they just have to show up and scrap this weekend.


First round picks


Van Beyen








Ticket round

This should be exciting to see these beasts of young men scrap. I love watching these atheltic boys wrestle. Grab your water because these matches will sure make you thirsty and sweaty.


Cornwell vs Van Beyen

This looks to be a very good match with returning state placer Cornwell vs A Carmel stud in Van beyen I believe that Van Beyen has been grinding in the room and definitely has what it takes but I believed season veteran in Cornwell makes another appearance to Bankerslife.


Guhl vs Irick

Guhl is quite the household name at the upperweights the last couple of years but in this one I got to go with Irick, I believe he has the most experience from his brothers both wrestling d1 so he will have the knowledge of what to do in this close match. But look for guhl to fight in a hard match


Webster vs young

Webster a ticket rounder a year ago looks to make quick work and push himself the next step this year. I’ll take him via pinfall


Browning vs Campbell

Match up between two juniors who are a little under the radar. Browning has had a good post season so far so look for him to punch his ticket to the bank in a close one here.


Semi final match ups

Cornwell vs Irick

This match will be the third time they wrestled , Irick has been the previous winner in the last two but look for him to be mentally ready this time and take it to Irick in a close one.


Webster vs browning

Browning is having an amazing season however I believe Webster will be a little too much for him to handle setting up a Webster vs Cornwell match up.



Cornwell vs Webster

These two have not met all season but look for Cornwell to finally bring home a semi state title after being defeated by the Green dome Wrecker in Mason Parris . This will be a tight match and can go either way however look for both of these studs on the podium next weekend.


Picks in order

  1. Kyle “As a child I ate my” Cornwell

  2. Taylor “The dictionary” Webster

  3. Andrew “How many Iricks are there??” Irick

  4. Cullen “My parents liked Twilight” Browning



If you have read my predictions this far, you know that I am so excited for the scrapping and tossing that will occur in the Granddaddy of them all, HEAVYWEIGHT. This is by far one of the most exciting years for heavyweight we’ve had in a while. It is wide open, Jamichael Watts will be looking to close the door on hopeful competitors while my man Crae Kunkleman looks to steal the show.


First Round

This will be a good one with matches such as Kunkleman vs Antone Alexander and Dennis Hubbard vs Jonathon Williams.


My picks


Zack “Not Lightning” McQueen








Ticket Round

Ah yes. Heavyweights going all out to see who can weigh the most and fat man roll the best. Well this round will weed out those who can not do so as well as the others and send them rolling home.


Harris vs McQueen

A battle of two great seniors with terrific records. It is a shame that one of them has to go home. I believe that Harris will get the job done over fellow senior, McQueen. This will be a very good match and end with a hug out of respect.


Keller vs Berger

Another grinder of a match, this time between two juniors. Again with the big men you can expect respect and no love lost when they do battle. I love to see matches like this where they really push each other. I believe Keller will be the victor.


Ahrens vs Kunkleman

Two outstanding seniors set to face off for a shot at state. This will be a true test for both wrestlers. Although he is very underrated, Ahrens is the favorite he according to the Vegas odds at -1.5. This will be a match for the ages, I believe it will resemble the classic match between Rickie Clark and Robert Samuels except with less scoring. (Love that match, best I’ve ever seen) Anyway I believe that in the end Kunkleman will be able to keep his season alive.


Watts vs Hubbard

A Battle of top ten heavyweight competitors here. It should be a good one, especially considering the winner could get to wrestle Crae Kunkleman. All in all Watts is very solid at the heavyweight position and I believe that he will be able to get the win to complete a great round of ticket punching.


Overall I would like to see my man Crae place first but Watts is one heck of a competitor so I believe it will go like this:

  1. Jamichael “more than one juul per second” Watts

  2. John “Not related to Kamala” Harris

  3. Kolt “45” Keller

  4. Crae “Cray” Kunkleman


Team Placements

This is not guaranteed for I do not have the time on my hands to calculate the team scores from the brackets but in general this should be pretty accurate

  1. Indianapolis Cathedral

  2. Everyone Else


To conclude I believe this will be a good day of wrestling and definitely worth the price of admission at the big green dome. I’m so excited as I hope you guys are as a wrestling fan these next two weekends are my favorite of the year. The excitement and emotion of the wrestlers due to all their hard work they have put in really makes this sport great. Cathedral shows they are still a huge powerhouse going into state. I believe there will be many stand out performances and many upsets like usual but like previously stated wrestling is a hard sport mostly mentally and it is sad when you work your hardest at something and end up coming short and I’m sorry to any wrestlers that go through that this weekend. But best of luck young men.

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7 hours ago, Wrestleallday said:

Picks in order

  1. Elliot “Not Aaron” Rodgers

  2. Cooper “I got” Noehre

  3. Sammy “not so” Fair

  4. Matthew “ I really just did this” Mangus




Just gonna throw this out there. Cooper Noehre is pronounced Nor-ee (like story) not No-air like some people seem to think. Fun write up, thanks for taking the time. 

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