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Bloomington South Regional!!

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Alright, I am a bit behind. Going to lay it out for ya!! Bet you can take this to the BANK! IMO my Confidence is Up this weekend.

Bl. North Reg = 37 , Southridge Regional =19 make it to EVSS. SRidge Reg = 2 Champs while Bl North snag 12 Champs.

Team Race , Bloomington South , Southridge, Edgewood , West Vigo, TH South and Fl. Central top 6 IMO. Good Luck to all Wrestlers

106- Bengtson over Owens * Repeat of Sect.

113- Castelluccio over Alstott * sleeper, Home mat!!

120- Gardner over Kane  * Gardner back to back Reg Titles

126- Rohrbach over Meier * Repeat of Sect. will Home mat help Meier

132- Recknor over Sanders * most open class

138- Cash over Sego * Repeat of Sect.

145- Kervin over Koontz * 2 studs , may be  best match of the DAY!!

152- Ross over Heckman * 1-1 so far. Will be a dog fight

160- Ruhlman over Schank * Can Schank get to Bankers Life a 3rd time

170- Blubaugh over Schroder *  different levels in this Final ( 4 Straight Regional Titles)

182- Bellemy over Presson * Will Wade starting to hit his stride, can he make it interesting @ HOME?

195- Wampler over Hardy * S.O.S here will show.

220- Howell over McVey ** Were does Gabe Cook find his Kids, something in that Valley water over there!

Hwt- Kramer over Haire * This match will need more than 6 minutes to get a Champion. 

Thanks & Have a Great Day, BigToe19

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Only change to the brackets was at 138,  Hamm (Terre Haute South) is out and Dixon from Bloomington South is in. 

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