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Undefeated Wrestlers Left

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Who is still undefeated going in to the last 2 weekends of the season? 

Update: We have 29 left going into semi-sate

Name Team Weight SS Record
Jesse Mendez Crown Point 126 East Chicago 34-0
Andres Moreno Lowell 132 East Chicago 24-0
Jorden Douglass Attica 145 East Chicago 36-0
Alex Cartwright LaVille 285 East Chicago 25-0
Cole Ross Evansville Mater Dei 113 Evansville 22-0
Brayden Littell Center Grove 120 Evansville 36-0
Blake Boarman Evansville Mater Dei 120 Evansville 34-0
Noah Gardner Edgewood 120 Evansville 29-0
Matthew Lee Evansville Mater Dei 145 Evansville 33-0
Nick South Columbus East 170 Evansville 36-0
Carson Brewer Avon 182 Evansville 34-0
Levon Bellemy Edgewood 182 Evansville 32-0
Will Nunn Castle 195 Evansville 37-0
Jacob Bolte Columbus East 220 Evansville 37-0
Alex Ocampo Central Noble 106 Fort Wayne 15-0
Brayden Curtis Yorktown 126 Fort Wayne 31-0
Matt Gimson Jimtown 132 Fort Wayne 39-0
Owen Krider Carroll (Fort Wayne) 132 Fort Wayne 22-0
Dylan Goudy Western 138 Fort Wayne 39-0
Chandler Chapman Jay County 195 Fort Wayne 14-0
Adam Bowman Maconaquah 285 Fort Wayne 34-0
Alex Cottey Perry Meridian 106 New Castle 34-0
Brayden Lowery Roncalli 120 New Castle 35-0
Grant Stapleton Lawrenceburg 126 New Castle 34-0
Gabe Phillips Centerville 138 New Castle 35-0
Bryer Hall South Dearborn 145 New Castle 33-0
Cody Klettheimer Frankton 170 New Castle 34-0
Silas Allred Shenandoah 195 New Castle 27-0
Jamichael Watts North Central 285 New Castle 28-0
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Cliff Notes version: My son isn't undefeated, nor is this a topic about Avon so this is a dumb topic.

Really like this kid’s upside.  If not for the broken arm in Regional final last year, he’d likely have been a SQ or better as a freshman.  Definitely a little slept on in my opinion.  Really looking

regardless the thread was about undefeated kids not an adult cutting a great young man down... And let's say he is undefeated afterwards are you gonna apologize?  oh that's right I wouldn't expect som

@182 Trizton carson 19-0...85 td and no offensive points scored on him.. all pins and 1 major...98 career wins and hopefully will break 100 at sagamore conference with a potential showdown with 23-3 McCloud of north mont... He's wrestling like a top 3 placer and is finally healthy..

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57 minutes ago, Indy2014 said:

I bet Ragle will have a loss after this weekend.  He shouldn’t  be the number 1 seed.

I think the forum was about who the undefeated wrestlers are at this point in the season, not whether or not they should or shouldn’t be seeded wherever. Hard to say a kid who is undefeated shouldn’t be the number one seed. Thankfully seeds don’t mean squat, and that’s why we wrestle. Good luck to anyone who gets to compete tomorrow. Be safe.

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