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notable matches and upsets week of 1-2-19

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As shown, it was 2-0 Coleman with TD in the first period.  Fitts rode Coleman the whole 2nd period.  Just a few seconds into the 3rd period, Fitts was down.  He was reached back and under and grabbed Coleman's foot.  As he did so, the referee blew the whistle and ran in to stop it calling potentially dangerous.  As that was happening, Fitts pulled up on the ankle, which put a ton of torque on Coleman's knee.  If it was after the whistle, it was tenths of a second after, but he did pull up on it pretty hard.  Coleman laid on his back in pain and the referee pretty much immediately called flagrant misconduct.  

The video is available on Track if you paid for the event.  Check it out and start it at 7:15 mark.  I'm not sure if it was just seen as illegal in pulling up on the leg, or if it was judged to be after the whistle.  To me, the whistle was blowing as he started pulling up, so I'd be hard pressed to buy that part of it.  The sound isn't great.  I'm not saying it was a right or wrong call here, just trying to describe it as I see it, after going back and watching the video several times. 

Interested in others opinions.

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