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Al Smith Predictions?!

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On 12/24/2018 at 10:25 AM, ontherise219 said:

Lots of ranked Wrestlers there every year even more guys looking to knock them off. A familiar voice on the Mic ūüé§ if you watch the IGR podcast.¬†


#1 Alex cottey Perry Meridian 2nd@106

#6 Stephen Roberson Crown point 

#8 Malik Hall Merrillville 

#12 Trey sturgill Peru SQ@106 

#15 Isaac Ruble bellmont 

#16 Ruban Padilla  hobart 


#2 Zeke seltzer Cathedral 

#7 Martin Cruz Merrillville returning Al smith champ 

#8 Hayden Watson center grove 

#13 Antonio Jefferson Lawrence Central 

#15 Chris Merrill Chesterton 

#16 Justin Puckett northridge 


#1 Brayden Littell Center Grove 

#3 Riley Bettich Crown Point 2nd and champ in Michigan 

#9 Vince sparrow Penn SQ@120

#14 Danny Tolin Chesterton SQ@106/113

#16 Jace Alexander SQ@106


#2 hunter Watts Jimtown State Champ 

#3 Jesse Mendez Crown Point 

#8 Logan Wagner zionsville 8th@120

#11 Jeremy Clark Columbus east 

#12 Lukasz Waldenzak Cathedral 4@120

#15 Brenden Mark Mishawaka 


#3 Logan Bailey Catherdral 3@106

#4 Andres Moreno Lowell 7@113 Al Smith Champ

#5 Matt Gimson Jimtown 8@126

#6 Germia Brooks wawasee 7@132

#16 Kyle Lawson bellmont SQ@126

UR Logan Hill Penn SQ@132

UR Riley Rust Center Grove State Champ in Alaska 


#1 Cayden Rooks Columbus East 2@120 1@106 

#2 Conner Gimson Jimtown 5@132

#4 Braxton Alexander Wawassee 6@120

#7 Nick Buchanan Prairie Heights 5th in Michigan 

#8 Andrew Wilson Cathedral SQ@126

#10 Drake Buchanan Center Grove 

#12 Gabe Smith Perry Meridian former Al smith champ 


#3 Aiden Warren Perry Merdian SQ@152 

#5 Alex Mosconi Cathedral 2@132 

#7 Jacob Maldonado Merrillville

#9 Jacob Burford Crown Point 

#12 Jeffery Harper Penn 

#15 Ryan Rasler Prairie Heights  


#1 Elliot Rodger cathedral 2/4@152

#5 Brock Ellis Chesterton SQ@145 

#6 Jake Schonegge Columbus East 3@138

#9 Ethan Hicks Ft. Wayne Carroll Sq@152

#10 Sam Fair Perry Merdiana 2@120

#11 Tyler Turley Hobart 

#12 Isaiah Levitz Prairie Heights 

#14 wade presson Bloomington South 

#16 Kamden Goering Elkhart Memorial 


#2 Jordan Slivka cathedral State Champ 

#6 Peyton Pruett Center Grove 

#7 Tristan Ruhlman Bloomington South 

#10 Jacob Atkins SB Riley SQ@160

#12 Jon Ruble Bellmont SQ@152 


#1 Nick South Columbus Easy State Champ 

#4 joesph Walker Mishawaka SQ@152

#8 Derek Blubaugh Bloomington south 6th@160

#9 Clayton Fielden Garrett 

#12 Brooks Davis Perry Meridian 7th@160


#2 Jacob Laplace Mishawaka SQ/4 

#6 Evan Bates Chesterton 

#7 Jake lone Northwood 8@170

#9 Caden Friedt bellmont 

#14 Tyler Wagner cathedral 

#15 Noah Brown Penn 


#2 Rockne Hurley Penn SQ@195

#9 Ethan Potosky Crown Point 

#10 Garrett Sandefer Mishawaka 


#2 AJ Fowler Calumet SQ@195 

#4 Jacob Bolte Columbus East SQ@220

#7 Adam Berta Penn

#11 Drew Bailey Merrillville 

#16 Austin Lane Lerry Meridian 


#2 Anthony Atria Merrillville 

#4 Dalton Anderson Columbus East 

#5 Hazzy Devualt Penn 

#13 Darrione Gregory Lawrence Central 











Ontherise219 did a really good job today on the mic.

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3 hours ago, IndianaWrestlingGuy said:

Littel 120 (CG) - sooo smooth. Whether upper body or shots, he makes it look effortless. 

Mendez 126 (CP) - super frosh great on top with tilts. 

First time I’ve had the opportunity to watch either of these two live, and they certainly lived up to expectations. Littel is a manchild and Mendez’s technique is superb. Made some good wrestlers look horrible today.

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25 minutes ago, JHS95151 said:

Ontherise219 did a really good job today on the mic.

Thank you!! I appreciate Coach Sandefer and the Mishawaka staff for allowing me to be apart of this great event. Hopefully we can bring a exciting finals tomorrow 

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Al Smith semis by rankings 


#1 cottey Perry Meridian vs #6 roberson Crown Point 

#8 hall Merrillville vs #16 Padilla Hobart 


#7 Cruz Merrillville vs #16 Puckett northridge 

#2 seltzer cathedral vs #8 Watson center grove 


#1 Littell center grove vs #14 Tolin Chesterton 

#3 bettich Crown Point vs #9 sparrow penn


#2 watts jimtown vs UR Meier Bloomington south 

#3 mendez Crown Point vs #8 Wagner zionsville 


#4 Moreno Lowell vs #5 Gimson jimtown 

#3 Bailey cathedral vs #6 brooks wawasee 


#1 rooks Columbus east vs #8 Wilson cathedral 

#2 Gimson jimtown vs #4 Alexander wawasee 


#5 mosconi cathedral vs #9 burford Crown Point 

#3 warren Perry Meridian vs UR park Lake central 


#1 Rodgers cathedral vs #5 Ellis Chesterton 

#7 Schoenegge Columbus east vs #9 Hicks Carroll 


#2 slivka cathedral vs #5 pruett center grove 

#12 Ruble bellmont vs #12@170 Davis Perry Meridian 


#1 south Columbus east vs #9 fielden Garrett 

#4 walker Mishawaka vs #8 blubaugh Bloomington south 


#7 Lone Northwood vs #6 Bates Chesterton 

#2 laplace Mishawaka vs #15 Brown penn


#2 Hurley penn vs UR wampler Bloomington South 

UR Akinwumi Merrillville vs 16@220 Lane Perry Meridian 


#2  Fowler Calumet vs #11 Bailey Merrillville 

#4 Bolte Columbus East vs #7 Berta penn


#2 Atria Merrillville vs UR Garcia lake central 

#5 devualt penn vs UR Muncie Carroll 



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8 hours ago, ontherise219 said:

Thank you!! I appreciate Coach Sandefer and the Mishawaka staff for allowing me to be apart of this great event. Hopefully we can bring a exciting finals tomorrow 

Hi Mike, 

Great job announcing all the matches!!! You are doing an awesome job!!! And I can tell you love it!

Donna Slivka



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Since I was a first timer at the Al Smith, I have a few more thoughts about Day2:

1. The tournament was run incredibly. Done with wrestling at 5pm yesterday and 4pm today. There were NO breaks (outside of a short faceoff organization after the 7th/8th round matches). When do the Cavemen eat? Are they super human? Was it to be done in time for the ND kick-off? If so, that was a waste :) Great job to all of you. I spent about 20 years at Connersville as a competitor, coach, and fan. Night and Day. 

2.  Hands to the face calls were frequent. Cathedral lost a couple very close matches to this, but it was called very liberally across all teams. Makes me nervous for the IHSAA state series. The heavy hands attack is an important one and even more subjective than stalling calls. 

3. Conditioning of every contender. I kept waiting for a squad to show some cracks in conditioning, but every program seemed to put a premium on their wind. Almost zero "sucking wind" in injury time. 

4. Gym was awesome. Felt like the Hoosiers' version of wrestling at Hickory. 

5. Cathedral - I don't like prognosticating about my squad, but they wrestled 4 out of 5 very solid rounds. They were pretty shaky in the Blood Round this morning, but pulled it together for placement matches. Nice job, Irish! 

6. The Region teams were very formidable. Merrillville and Crown Point would not go away. Sounds like Penn had a couple individual issues at weigh-in and medical scratch, but as I mentioned yesterday, they wrestled solid. (PS. I've decided Coach Harper is the doppelganger of Nick Nolte and Gary Busey. Props to him on a nice program). 

7. Columbus East could have 2 champs and two high place winners. Will be dangerous at Bankers!  

I'll try to discuss some weights, but I did try to drive back to Indy for the 2nd half of the ND-Clemson game. I missed 195 - Heavy Finals. I am regretful I left that great environment to witness that embarrassment on the gridiron. 

106 - Cottey was the class of the weight. He did play it a little close in the finals, but Malik Hall wrestled him tough. 

113 - I know Mendez is the talk of the state, but no one can say Zeke Seltzer wasn't arguably the OW too. He dismantled Martin Cruz in a incredibly active, high scoring final of 17-6. Not sure if Zeke or his dad were more happy with the W. 

120 - Match of the Day! Wherever Crown Point got Riley Bettich, he was great. 4 undefeated wrestlers in the semis at this weight. I thought Littell left a little on the table after he scored early, but he was my favorite to watch all tourney long. His strength and hips for a 120 pounder are impressive. Hoping he might make it under the lights with Boarman. What a final that would be! 

126 - Deepest weight in my opinion. Mendez vs Watts was a close second for match of the finals. Hunter certainly didn't back down from Mendez. In fact, I thought he was gonna pin Mendez for a fleeting couple second on a scramble. That will be a fun rematch at Bankers. Walendzak avenged his loss to L. Wagner. 

132 - Lotta drama in the semis here, but Geremia Brooks is the real deal. He does not take his time on his feet! Congrats to Matt Gimson. His fireman game is super strong.  

138 - Rooks is a beast. I feel like he was challenged the least of the small and mid-weight champs all tourney. No one really got close. 

145 - Mosconi vs. Warren was a great dual. Good action in the first and two kids that play to their mean streaks. Warren tried a few 360 spins to a double that cost him big.  

152 -  Rodgers is just wrestling great right now. It was an unimpressive W for him in the finals, but I felt like he was sleep walking a bit. And, by the way, Schonegge has a little Jim Varney look about him. Hey Vern!! Great wrestler though. Tolin gave Rodgers a good test in the semi. 

160 - What can I say about Jordan Slivka?! He might never win a match by more than a point for the rest of his high school career, and I think I'm great with that. Gamer and superior mental toughness. 

170 - More semi-final drama with a stalling call and a late takedown that even surprised the ref in the Blubaugh-Walker match, but Derek kept it too close. Not sure he was beating Nick South though. He's thicccc. And, can I say Nick South is the greatest porn name of all time without getting this post removed? If not, just edit it Y2/OTR/etc. 

182 - Weaker weight, but LaPlace was the class of it. 

195 - I am shocked Rockne Hurley lost. He is a giant at 195. Both he and Austin Lane will be podium guys at Bankers. 

220 - Love the Fowler legacy wrestling history at Calumet. If Jacob Bolte continues to master his Russian tie attack, he could score some big points for CE in the IHSAA Finals. 

Heavy - Man, this weight class is wide open without Portoney. Congrats to Devault and all the Penn heavies. Not sure who is working with them, but it is noticeable. 

All for now, lads and lassies. The NCAA Semi-final football games are so terrible, I needed to take my mind off of the TV. See you at IHSWCA Team State! Go Irish! 


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