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Missing EVSS Wrestlers!!

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Ok I have info on a few of them, but want updated Status on some guys from last years Semis State!

Alex Petro- Center Grove

Tyler Mikulich - BL North

Keandre Watson - Col North

Steven Weddle - BD

Zayne Bartholomew - Paoli

Scott Fitts - EMD

Gabe Pitzulo - Ind. Creek

Brooks Wathen - Jen Cty   ( Season Ending Injury) I was Told?

Cadon Deffendoll - Vin Linc

Dalton Anderson - Col East


Thanks BT19


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Brooks Wathen will in fact not be able to compete this year due to his recovery from ACL patellar graft reconstruction.  Early in the football season Brooks sustained a grade 3 tear of his right ACL, and at that time with guidance from his orthopedic surgeon, he made the decision to attempt to continue to play football in a brace with hopes of also wrestling in the brace.  Brooks was able to complete the football season while missing only a couple of games and as the wrestling season began, Brooks was optimistic as he was learning how to manage wrestling in the large apparatus.  As the second and third weeks of practice came and went, I was becoming less and less hopeful.  I watched Brooks return home each night in excruciating pain and knowing that things would only get worse as matches began, I began to lose any hopes that I possessed of Brooks competing at all this year, let alone making a return to Bankers Life.  In Brooks’ last few practices, while compensating for lack of use of his right knee, he began to strain his left LCL.  At this point, with the realization that Brooks would ultimately not be able finish his senior year and most likely end up needing both knees reconstructed, I encouraged him to surrender. 

If you have spent any time at all around Brooks, you know that there is no quit in him and you understand how difficult not being able to finish is for him.  His ride started at age four at pee wee 40 and concludes 14 years and 125 lbs later somewhat short of his goal.   Time sure does fly!

Brooks' Dad

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5 hours ago, JC3390 said:

Brooks Wathen will in fact not be able to compete this year due to his recovery from ACL patellar graft reconstruction.

Brooks has always been the ultimate competitor and I’m sure he’ll put the same dedication into his rehab. I hope Brooks can make a full recovery and We can hear about him on the college gridiron in the future.  

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