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Legal scissors?


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The leg cradle is not considered to be a head scissors and is therefore a legal hold/maneuver. However, as with any legal hold or maneuver, it may become necessary to stop; if it is deemed to be potentially dangerous and/or before it would become illegal due to any other criteria, i.e. beyond normal range of motion, restriction of breathing or blood flow, unnecessary roughness (punishing), etc.

Here is the only exception to the rule stated above (7-17-5), please, refer to the picture and caption cited here for a clearer understanding...

2018-19 NFHS Wrestling Rules, page 78, picture 89 (caption) Rule 7-1-5...

(7-1-5) This draping head scissor is legal because there is minimal pressure against the head or neck and the arm is included.

My personal input... The key factors are; minimal pressure against the head or neck with the arm included. I look for the knees to remain bent and no pinching or restraining power of any kind. Think of it this way when considering the term "draping"; your drapes simply hang freely over you windows, therefore, the draping head scissor is the act of hanging freely around the head and neck with an arm included while applying minimal pressure. I will verbally caution the wrestler to "keep it legal" "don't apply any pressure around the head or neck", also, depending on the position and/or action I may stop it for potentially dangerous before it has a chance to become illegal.

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