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IHSWCA Clinic info UPDATE - Read if attending!

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Very exctied to have you all as this will be another good one!

We are gonna try day 1 of the clinic a little different and see how it goes.

Every year a group of Indiana coaches goes out to the Olympic Training center and takes classes and clinics.  Each year at the OTC all technique sessions are ON THE MAT. This means that we all sit in a big circle around the clinician, he talks, then gives a momment to try the move once or twice for those that want to try.  For those of us that don't want to try but just spectate, we will have some benches up there, and have the option to just sit around for a momment and discuss the move.  We hope this just gives a change of pace in the clinic, a way to commit more to memory, and a beter way to hear the clinician.  So, bring comfortable clothes, and even wrestling gear if you want to try the moves slowly with your partner.

Wanna see this years clinic at the OTC or a presentation from it? Notes from each coach, and Coach Struck's presentation video -  Click here. Leroy Vega (portage), Danny Struck + Nick Stewart (Jeffersonville), Greg Ratliff (Edgewood), Gary Myers (Hamilton Heights), Gralan Early (Indiana Tech) and Dan Mikesell (Mooresville) all spent 4 days out there.  https://docs.google.com/document/d/10Qoe1BBc-nuJjInWaLHWXLwX4wuV_v0MkQXyIHchfag/edit?usp=sharing

We will do a few sessions in the cafeteria to get us back up into a seat as well.

IF ANYONE HAS A PROJECTOR/LAPTOP COMBO please bring it, as it would help greatly, we can discuss clinic compensation.

The clinic social is TBA - but will be at 8pm - working on a special one!

most up to date clinic flier with topics and speakers:


Look forward to having you!


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