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Ohio All-Star Team Now Accepting Applications for 2019 & 2020

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The Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team is now accepting applications for its 2019 and 2020 teams. An application may be attached. If not, please e-mail: bdbop@aol.com
to receive one.

To be eligible for the team, wrestlers must meet the following requirements:

*Be enrolled in the 6th thru 9th grade, during the school year they wish to apply for (older 5th graders and younger 10th graders may be considered)
*Have an estimated summer weight of 65 to 155 pounds
*Have a minimum of a 2.5 (B-/C+) grade point average
*Non Ohio Wrestlers may apply
*Application deadline for the 2019 team is October 17, (deadline for 2020 Team is 10-22-2019), though some team members, for both teams, may be named prior to this date. Currently, there are 7 spots already filled on the 2019 Team and 5 on the 2020 Team, that were already selected last October.


Recently, the 2018 Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team returned home, following a 49 day wrestling tour out west, which saw them compile a 7-2 record, while traveling to: UT, ID, OR, WA, BC (Canada), NV, CA and CO. Since 1983, more than 650 of the top youth wrestlers, from Ohio and 24 other states (and Canada) have participated as a member of this team. Trip alumni have gone on to win 10 NCAA titles, more than 30 USA Wrestling Cadet & Junior National titles and more than 200 State High School titles.

For those of you not familiar with the trip, it is hard to explain, as it encompasses so much more than just wrestling (see attached photos). You can also visit our OASWT Photos on Facebook. There you can find additional photos, and video, of the 2017 and 2018 tours, as well as team photos and rosters from 2012-2018. Please keep in mind that most of the wrestling shots are not posted here.




Wrestling is the glue that holds the trip together and team members generally average 14-20 matches on the tour. The 2018 Team also had 22 additional practices, plus another 13 during the team camp. But, past team members will tell you that the best part is the process of becoming brothers

From climbing a Mountain, to white water rafting, to Broadway shows to learning how to do Improv comedy and singing, the team members will experience new and interesting activities along the way that help bring them together as a family.


 Life skills are learned from doing their own laundry, budgeting their money and learning to interact with adults, who ask them questions along the way. Team members must learn to get along and go thru ups and downs along the way and hopefully become brothers before it all ends.

Here are quotes from some of the 2018 Team Members, about their experience:


“The trip has been the best experience of my life and will be for a very long time. I have benefited so much from the trip in ways like social skills and wrestling with more confidence than I did before. I wish that this amazing experience would never have to end.” – Daniel Adams, 9th grader, Poland, OH (2018 OHSAA District Qualifier)


"This is my second OASWT experience, as I was also on the OASWT in 2014 and I believe that it had a lasting impression on my life, which the 2018 tour only helped me grow upon my first experience. I have been through so much with these guys, from late night workouts, to swimming in ice cold water, and even just surviving the cross country van rides together. On the Team I have learned the true meaning of being a team and, more importantly, the meaning of being brothers." – Lucian Brink, 10th grader, Coshocton, OH (2018 OHSAA State Runner Up)


"It is an amazing experience to be on the Ohio All-Star Team. I have gained so much confidence, learned to be independent and have learned good communication skills.” – Vinnie D’Alessandro, 7th grader, Mayfield Hts., OH (2018 OAC Junior High State Runner Up)


“My journey on the 2018 OASWT was fantastic The trip was so much more than just wrestling. It was also about sightseeing and doing things as a team, as well as becoming brothers. It is very hard to explain the bond that we all now share.” – Ty Daugherty, 8th grader, Avon, OH (2X OAC Junior High State Qualifier)


“Being a part of the Team teaches you discipline, responsibility and how to deal with your problems on your own. This trip meant a lot to me and becoming brothers and bonding is what this trip really does. You are brothers for life.” – Amaan Gulacha, 8th grader, Stoney Creek, ONT (2018 USA Western Regional Champion)


“The OASWT teaches you so many lessons that you could consider it the greatest odyssey of someone’s life.  The trip is so much more than just a wrestling tour. It’s more of a trip that changes you from a child to a young adult.” – Rawson Iwanicki, 8th grader, Andover, MA (3X Youth State Qualifier)


“I enjoyed the whole trip. At the beginning, I was scared about being the smallest and also singing. But, once I got to camp I was over the fears and just had fun. I promise you that at then end you’ll be missing everyone.” – Jared Johnston, 6th grader, Cincinnati, OH (2018 OAC Junior High Runner Up)


“This trip has been amazing and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Meeting new people and becoming brothers with my teammates has been so awesome.” – Braxton Lewis, 8th grader, Suffolk, VA (2017 Middle School State Champion)


“On the 2018 trip, I learned a lot of important things, like doing my laundry, cleaning up after myself, talking to adults and, one of my most important things was money management. This trip also taught me how to talk in front of people and have better bonding skills. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity.” – Mikey Longo, 8th grader, Wilton, CT (4X State Champion)


“This trip has been the greatest experience of my life. I loved becoming brothers with all my teammates. I loved the places we went and, for future team members, remember to savor every moment, as some things you may never see again.” – Shaymus MacIntosh, 8th grader, Bridgewater, MA (5X Youth State Champion)


“This summer, I got the opportunity to go on the trip of a lifetime. I was nervous at first, but then I just realized to make things fun and learn from others. This trip gave me lots of experience with life skills, like laundry, cleaning and just being respectful. Overall, the trip was an experience of a lifetime and I highly suggest going on it.” – Ian Moccia, 7th grader, Bel Air, MD (2X Ohio TofC Placer)


“The Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team trip is like no other. This trip changed me for the better and not just in wrestling. This trip taught me so much about how to be a good person and also taught me about things we saw while sightseeing. The most important part of the trip though was becoming brothers with all my teammates.” – Colin Nugent, 7th grader, Boxford, MA (4X Youth State Champion)


“This trip has caused me to go through many transformations. During the trip, I feel I have learned to be more independent and I also learned how to budget my money and spend accordingly. The trip has caused me to get out of my comfort zone and that has changed me for the better and I am glad I went on it.” – Mark Samuel, 8th grader, Wilmington, NC (2X State Champion)


“The Ohio All-Star Wrestling trip is one of the best trips in the world. Sure there are some ups and downs but, in the end, we all came together as brothers. In the beginning, I was nervous about the trip. But, by the end, I was comfortable with everyone on the team. I believe that every person that has, or will be on the trip, will always say: “You will never regret it.” – Max Shulaw, 6th grader, Lima, OH (2018 OAC Grade School State Champion)


“The Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team was an experience that I will never forget. To me, the trip was so much more than just wrestling and taught me so many things that I never thought it would. I learned a lot more about managing money, managing time, talking to other people and working together and functioning as a team.  My favorite thing was all the new brothers I bonded with. In the end, I definitely do not regret going on this trip at all, because it really is the “trip of a lifetime.” – Dustin Smith, 9th grader, Smithfield, VA (2018 Third in State High School)


“This has been the best trip I have ever done. It was a really awesome experience going to all of the different places. The best thing is becoming brothers and bonding together. At first, I didn’t think this trip would be a good trip and I thought the singing would be stupid. But, it was actually really fun and if I got the chance to do this trip again I would.” – Reese Stephen, 6th grader, Barnesville, OH (3X Ohio TofC Placer)


“The Ohio All-Star trip has done many things to improve me, not only as a wrestler, but as a young man. The trip has given me skills to problem solve, speak in public and also to adapt to adversity.  Being the oldest child, with only a younger sister, I never understood when some of my friends spoke about brotherhood.  But, on the trip, I learned what brotherhood was all about, as we set aside our personal differences to become one large family.  While the life skills I learned were important, I feel that brotherhood was the most important thing I learned.” – Luke Tucholski, 7th grader, North Olmsted, OH (2017 OAC Grade School State Placer)


“My journey with the Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team was the best trip that anyone could ever do. Just all the amazing things we did and experienced is incredible. It was the best seven weeks of my life and nothing will ever be like this.” – Zak Zindle, 6th grader, Gloucester, MA (2018 Youth State Champion)


From Amy Lehman, whose son, Owen (who was a 12 year old 6th grader from Annville, PA), was a member of the 2017 OASWT:

"There are some many great reasons to send your wrestler on this trip and it’s hard to condense it down to a short blurb. Owen was one of those kids who stood back and took everything in. Not an outsider but an observer, never wanting to be the center of attention. I’m not sure if it was his self-confidence or nerves or what. He rarely chose to spend the night at other people’s houses and new situations made him nervous.


When he got selected for the 2017 trip, we talked extensively about it. I know he was scared, but he wanted to go! Getting closer to the trip, you could tell he became more and more nervous but never did he say he wasn’t going to go. Saying goodbye to him at the airport was the hardest thing I’ve ever done (and probably the hardest thing he’s ever done, too) but we both made it through and his self-confidence soared!


He tackled one of his biggest fears ever! He could do anything now!!! He not only gained self-confidence on this trip but independence, problem solving skills (he couldn’t yell “Mom, where’s my ___?” whenever he lost something on the trip), he learned how to do laundry, he learned to budget his money, he wrestled kids that were bigger, stronger and better than him and didn’t give up. He practiced with new kids & new coaches, they went on hikes and did a lot of conditioning workouts, and he saw so many amazing places along the way. They also went to shows, and met famous people.


Most importantly, he became a little brother to 27 other amazing wrestlers. He talks about his brothers and the trip at least every day. In fact, he has already convinced us to let him apply for the team again." (Note: Owen has already been selected to participate again on the 2020 OASWT).

Amy Lehman
If you have any questions for Amy, you can contact her at alehman76@gmail.com

From John Zindle, whose son Zak (who was a 12 year old 6th grader, from Worcester, MA, went this past summer):


“We first heard about the OASWT trip, in 2015, from some alumni that went to our club - Jack Darling and Hunter Adrian. At the time, Zak was in 3rd grade and we were just getting started with wrestling, and were more focused on getting him to remember to bring both shoes and headgear to practice! 


Zak attended the 2017 OASWT Camp, and had a blast! That was a turning point for him. He got to see the 2017 team get all of their gear, hear the itinerary, and see the excitement of the kids going on the trip. 


Zak applied when he got home from camp, and was selected for the 2018 team in October 2017! He was 12 years old, and finishing 6th grade.  He was so excited- as were my wife and I (a bit nervous too!) . As the time came to leave for camp, we were all anxious. When the boys walked into the gym and saw the gear bags- they were all so excited. They had a great camp, and we said our goodbyes at the airport drop-off and off they went. 


What impressed me the most, was how Bart interacts with these young men. There are 20+of them, from all over. In addition to the wrestling, he took them to Broadway shows, Improv Comedy classes, white water rafting and more, all within the first week. So began the process of team bonding and building friendships that will last forever.


Zak was one of the younger wrestlers on the trip, but that didn't matter. The boys became really close! The trip itself was amazing. The wrestling is great and they got into some of the toughest rooms on the West Coast.


Zak really enjoyed meeting the guest speakers and hearing their personal stories – from NCAA & Olympic Champions to Actors and the McFarland USA Coach and runners.


Then, there are the places they visit, which this summer included eight states, Canada and Mexico! I was able to catch up with the Team in LA and San Diego and  watching the boys interact with each other and the Coaches was awesome. 


Another great part of the trip is RESPONSIBILITY. The wrestlers are held accountable for things like tucking your shirt in, not wearing a hat at the table and other real life lessons. A bonus is that Zak can now can do his own laundry!


This is a great trip for the boys: tough wrestling, amazing camaraderie and seeing our beautiful country. 


Three weeks after the trip and Zak still talks to his new brothers and we hear stories about the trip all the time. These boys created an incredible bond. In fact, Zak is already pushing to apply for the Team again, in 2020. 




John Zindle




Alumni 2012-2017 have included:

2012: Kaleb Romero: 4X High School State Champ from Ohio (Ohio State)
2012: Austin O’Connor: 4X High School State Champ from Illinois (North Carolina)
2012: Dylan D’Emilio: 3X High School State Champion from Ohio
2012: Brakan Mead: Ohio State Champion (Ohio State)
2012: Michael May: OAC Junior High State Champion
2013: Gabe Tagg: Ohio State Champion
2013: Julian Tagg: 2X Ohio State Champion and World Cadet Team Member
2013: Abe Bloom: 2X Rhode Island State Champ (Trinity College)
2013: Jordan Ward: OAC Grade School State Champion
2013: Zach Brown: 2X Kentucky State Champion as a Junior
2013: Jack Davis: National Prep Champion (Penn State)
2014: Logan Ours: OAC Junior High State Champ; 6X OAC Grade School State Champ
2014: David Crawford: 2X Ohio State High School Champion (Pitt)
2014: Dustin Norris: Ohio State High School Runner Up

2014: Bryce Andonian: 2X Ohio State High School Champion

2014: Jacob Lagoa: 2X Ohio State Champion as a Sophomore
2014: Ty Mills: 2X Indiana State Runner Up (Duke)

2014: Trey Lane: 2X Florida State Champion as a Junior
2014: Jacob Shoop: Michigan State High School Champion (Grand View University)

2014: Brenden Severs: OAC Junior High State Champion

2014, 2018: Lucian Brink – Ohio State Runner Up
2015: Kyle Rowan: Ohio State Runner Up

2015: Jack Darling: 2X Massachusetts State Champion as a Junior

2015: Jack Bokina: New York State Champion (Brown)

2015: Luke Bokina: New York State Champion
2015: Cole Skinner: OAC Junior High State Champion & Cadet World Team Member
2015: Cael Woods: Ohio State High School - 3rd

2015: Chris Langguth: Ohio State High School – 3rd
2015: Lachlan McNeil: 2X Canadian Cadet World Team Member
2015: Cooper Flynn: Multi time Tennessee Youth State Champion
2016: Reece Fry: Michigan State High School Champion (Brown)
2016: Erik Roggie: Virginia State High School Champion

2016: Brennen Cernus: OAC Junior High State Champion

2016: Logan Messer: Ohio State High School – 3rd

2016: Clayton Ulrey: Pennsylvania State High School – 5th

2017: Peyton Fenton: Ohio Junior High State Champion

2017: Max Leete: Massachusetts State High School Champion as a Freshman

2017: Brady Welch: OAC Junior High State Runner Up

2017: Sterling Segal: OAC Junior High State Champion

2017: Eli Spencer: OAC Junior High State Champion

Other past Ohio alumni have included:
Ryan Bertin (6th grader) - 2X NCAA Champion
Alan Fried (6th and 7th grader) - NCAA Champion; 2X NCAA Runner Up
Rex Holman (7th grader) - NCAA Champion
Corey Kline (7th grader) - NCAA DII Champion
Willie Wineberg (7th grader) - 4X State Champ; 2X NCAA Qualifier
John McGhee (5th grader) - 4X State Champ
Lance Palmer (6th grader) - 4X State Champ; NCAA Runner Up
Cam Tessari (6th grader) - 4X State Champ; NAIA Champion
Shawn Nelson (8th grader) - 3X State Champ; NCAA All American
Eddie Jayne (8th grader) - 3X State Champ
Drew Pariano (6th grader) - 3X State Champ; 3X NCAA Qualifier
Scott Burnett (6th grader) - 3X State Champ; NJCAA All American
Mark Jayne (7th grader) - 3X State Champ; 2X NCAA All American
Mason Lenhard (7th grader) - 3X State Champ; NCAA Qualifier
Mike Miller (8th grader) - 3X State Champ; NCAA Runner Up
Kevin Hardy (7th grader) - 3X State Champ & NAIA National Champion
Colt Sponseller (7th grader) - 3X State Champ; NCAA All American
Brandon Thompson (6th grader) - 3X State Champ
Scott Zapadka (7th and 9th grade) - 2X State Champ
Mike Kulczycki (6th grader) - 2X State Champ; NCAA All American
Keith Cupp (6th grader) - 2X State Champ; NAIA Champion
Marcus Gordon (7th grader) - 2X State Champ; 2X NCAA DII Qualifier
Matt McIntire (6th grader) - 2X State Champ
Kevin Lipp (6th and 8th grader) - 2X State Champ
Pat McLemore (7th grader) - 2X State Champ; NCAA Qualifier
Gus Sako (6th grader) - 2X State Champ; 2X NCAA Qualifier
Joey Ward (5th grader) - 2X State Champ; NCAA All American


Non Ohio notables include:


Sheldon Thomas (DE-7th grader)-4X State Champion; NCAA Champion

Kenny Anderson (MA-9th grader)-3X NCAA DIII National Champion

Hudson Taylor (NJ-7th grader)-3X NCAA All American

Zack Kemmerer (PA-6th grader)-2X State Champion; NCAA All American

If you have any additional questions, wish to communicate with some parents of past OASWT members, or desire an application, please let me know, as I can forward that information to you.

Yours in Wrestling,

Bart Freidenberg


OASWT App 19_20068.jpg

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Here is a link to a short youtube highlight video of the 2018 Team. Keep in mind, most of the wrestling photos are not a part of this. Team members generally average 15-20 matches during the summer and 20 additional wrestling practice sessions (in addition to their 5 day team training camp):


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Dear Coach, Parents & Wrestlers,

Just a quick reminder that, if you know of a wrestler that would be a good candidate for the 2019 Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team (or for early consideration for the 2020 Team), that they have until October 17 to submit an application for consideration. Wrestlers must currently be enrolled in the 6th thru 9th grade, have an estimated summer weight of 68-150 pounds, and have at least a 2.5 (B-/C+ grade point average). Those applying for a spot on the 2020 Team must currently be enrolled in the 5th thru 8th grade.

So far, the 2019 Team is coming together rather well and, from the applications so far received, it appears that we will again have a very competitive team , with many outstanding wrestling accomplishments, both on and off the mat. Would really like to see a few more Midwest wrestlers apply, as well as some lower weights (70-75 come summer) and also bigger kids (130-150 summer weight). Middle weights (80-125) are welcome too, just not as pressing at this time.

Now in its 37th year, more than 650 of the top youth wrestlers, representing Ohio and 24 other states+Canada, have been a member of the Ohio All-Star Team. It is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience and encompasses so much more than just wrestling.

***Note: We have had 5 Indiana wrestlers represent the OASWT since 2012: Lucas Walendzak (2012, 2013), Trey Lane (2014), Ty Mills (2014), Tanner DeMien (2015) and Vince Sparrow (2016). If you, or any potentially interested parents, have any additional questions about the team, or would like to talk to the parents of a former team member, regarding their OASWT trip experience, please let me know and I can provide that information to you/them.

To request an application, you can e-mail bdbop@aol.com Yours in Wrestling, Bart Freidenberg OASWT

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