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“Battle of the Burgh” PA

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Congratulations to Indiana Outlaws Black for their dominating performance at “Battle of the Burgh” in Harmony, PA.  Team wins include........

-Outlaws-     52
-OMP Black-12

-Outlaws-     43
-Mat Factory- 9

-Outlaws-     49 
-Bobdawgs- 15


-Outlaws-     40
-Gladiators-  25

Lineup & records.......

111-Brodie Fogarty 2-2
118-Zeke Seltzer 4-0
125-Brayden Littell 4-0
131-Logan Bailey 3-1
138-Drake Campbell 2-2
143-Andrew Wilson 1-3
150-Alex Mosconi 3-1
157-Elliott Rodgers 3-1
165-Jordan Slivka 4-0
175-Tyler Wagner 2-2
187-Jacob Huffman 2-2
200-Silas Allred 4-0
225-Kyle Cornwell 4-0
290-Marcus Stone 3-1

Outstanding effort by these young men and coaches.

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