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3/28 Warren Central RTC Multiple IU Wrestlers!!!

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This past RTC was awesome with state champs and placers all grinding it out and getting better on the east side.  This Wednesday we will be hosting multiple IU wrestlers!!!  This is your opportunity to learn from and wrestle with current BIG 10 wrestlers!  Wrestlers wrestle.  Take advantage of this opportunity!  We are freaking pumped for this! 

Clinicians include:

Breydon Bailey-current IU wrestler, IHSAA state champ, 4x placer, Super 32 AA

Garrett Pepple-current IU wrestler, IHSAA state champ, 3x finalist, Fargo AA

Cole Weaver-current IU wrestler, 3x Michigan state champ, NCAA Qualifier

Devin Skatzka-current IU wrestler 4x Michigan State champ, multiple time NCAA Qualifier

Possibly more to come!  Make sure you are there Wednesday night.

Time:  6-7:30

Enter through Door 14

Work Hard.  Get Better.


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Just got off the phone w the clinicians for tonight.  Bad news. They are not allowed to come to tonight’s RTC. So what did I do?  I put down my saw (building a shelter today) and made some calls.

Good news!  One of our former wrestlers, Cody Lecount is coming in to be our guest clinician!  Cody’s accolades are to much to mention. I’ve been blessed to have coached a lot of great wrestlers and Cody is hands down the best technician I have coached!  This is freaking awesome for him to volunteer to come in on such short notice!  You guys will have to ask him about the time I took him through one of my hillbilly workouts. We played a fun game called “run up the hill”. 


door 14

be there.  Get better.

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