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How to start friendship meetings/ fundraising

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I am newer to Wrestling and trying to help my husband expand and better our Youth Program. We are in Michigan. 

I am curious how other programs started the “Friendship” Meets. I attempted to search for more information/rules/guides regarding this, but didn’t find much information . 

I am also wondering if youth programs engage in fundraising and what types of things the money is used for. The idea was present to fundraise for tournaments fees, regional/state competitions. Any thoughts/input or ideas about these topics would be greatly appreciated. 

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In our area, 3 schools came together and started friendlies that we called the Rival Wrestling League. We run them on Friday nights from 7-9pm typically prior to a HS super dual on Saturday. So the HS kids set up Friday after practice, then the club kids (pre K to 5th) come in and wrestle, then the HS kids tear down after their event. 

We mark the kids hands with grade and weight. We just match them up mat side and run as many through as possible. Some kids get as many as 6-8 matches in. The nice thing is that the kids get as many matches as they want and then head out. 

The "League" has since grown to 9+ clubs. 

We charge $1 per person or $5 a family. So this is also little bit of a fund raiser for the host site. 

All the club leaders get together at the beginning of the season to set the schedule. We also have a set of guidelines that we all go by to keep it uniform. 

I can send you our guidelines via email if you would like. 



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