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Tournament of Champions! 135/138/140

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Yeah some of the "all-time greats" got shafted especially in their earlier years, but I wanted to take personal opinion out of it so I came up with these rules and let the chips fall where they may:

  • Winning pct - shows dominance that season
  • Grade - gives advantage to more experience
  • Number of state titles - advantage to continued success (last number on each line)
  • Season wins

I at first switched #2 and #3 so bumped up people with more state titles.  But that gave a freshman superiority over an undefeated senior. In general this seemed like the better way to go but yeah there are definitely some outliers...

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1 hour ago, Silence Dogood said:

I think any criteria that results in Jason Tsirtsis, Alex Tsirtsis, and Andrew Howe not being in the top 4 of this list needs to be revisited. 

Maybe you should consider how many titles they had won by this point in their career ahead of what grade they were in. 

Titles and career record by that point in their career I should have said. 

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On 2/27/2018 at 10:04 AM, navy80 said:

Semi finals


angel over Andre

alex over jason



Escobedo versus Tsirtsis?

im sure this happened in the practice room a few times! 


Who has insight?


I got exact final 4...Alex Tsirtis by 2.. my big brother theory is coming into play here as well..I could be wrong though. 

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