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Jayruss had idea of showing a seeded bracket from last 16 years of state champions. Had to combine some weights. Seeding based on

  1. Winning pct - shows dominance that season
  2. Grade - gives advantage to more experience
  3. Number of state titles - advantage to continued success (last number on each line)
  4. Season wins


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8 hours ago, brickfor6 said:

We are talking about the Andrew Howe who scored 48 points in his Junior/senior year finals matches correct? 26 his junior year, then 22 his senior year... I wonder does howe hold the record for most points scored at the state tournament? @Y2CJ41 could you answer this?

He teched everyone his junior year.... senior year he texted everyone EXCEPT the finals he beat the guy only by 14... ONLY 

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