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Notable results and upsets regional edition

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Wow. 285 at mooresville

comer barely gets by in a 4-1 overtime win

biddle 29-8 beats cheap 33-4 in utb overtime

mccubbins wins by pin as expected 


Curtis 33-5 Beats 1 “seed” and heavily favored Petersen of brownsburg 26-2 in a good 8-5 match. 

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1 minute ago, SWINfan said:

How about a #5 over #1?

Peter McNeely, Vincennes Lincoln (finished 5th at Ev Central sectional) def Jordan Fulks, Boonville (1st at Castle) 11-6

I'm glad to see McNeely wrestling today. He's got over 40 wins this year and went to semi state last year. He had a tough sectionals!

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