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Class Champs picks

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All this talk of class wrestling is making me think. Who would be 1a 2a and 3a state champ picks based on the class system we have set for team state.. Will be interesting to see who would have a chance of getting gold that normally would not be thought of being able to in non class.

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2 Classes, split at about 700 students

1A- Ben Dalton vs. Wyatt Miller
2A- Moran vs. Cruz
1A- Diaz vs. Shearer
2A- Curtis vs. Lowery
1A- Watts vs. Stapleton
2A- Fair vs. Mattingly
1A- Denny vs. Schoeff
2A- Garcia vs. Rooks
1A- Gimson vs. Cottingham
2A- Rooks vs Bryant
1A- Gimson vs. Moore
2A- Rutter vs. Mulkey
1A- Lohery vs. Ball
2A- McIntosh vs. Hunt

Just some potential matches

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Here are the others

1A- Macklin vs. Miller
2A- Lee vs. Calhoun
1A- Berkebile vs. Bratcher
2A- Mappes vs. Eiteljorge
1A- Rader vs, Klettheimer
2A- Warren vs. Fattore
1A= Cressel vs. Allread
2A- Walton vs. Graber
1A- Rasler vs. Goforth
2A- Davison vs. Penola
1A- Parris vs. Cornwell
2A- Streck vs. McClaine
1A- McCubbins vs. Cartwright
2A- McWilliams vs. Pokorney

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