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Pick the Champs (Pre-sectional)

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Let's see how good everyone's crystal ball is...

Post who you think will be state champ at each weight class.  If your post reads "Edited..." when it's all over in Bankers Life then it doesn't count.

Can anyone get all 14 right?

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17 minutes ago, base said:


That picture is me trying to figure out ways to get around Joes North Korea Sanctions on my People & figuring out places for people in The Pit of Misery . Do this, do that, # here, nope gotta put a extra letter, #, TheCounty, LOCK HIM UP ! , Your a member, What The..... is that a Ring in the Crystal Ball ? 

Will only pick one 

126- The Avon Kid 

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126-that kid from the "The Pit of Misery" :D Garcia











Good luck to everyone!!!  Favorite time of the year for me is coming up this Saturday...

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106- Moran

113- boarman 

120- Fair

126- Rooks

132- Rooks

 138-  Combest or Mulkey I'd have to say Combest though 

145- McIntosh 

152- Lee

160 (hardest for me to pick) Mappes but wouldn't be surprised to see south on top

170- Fattore 

182- Walton 

195- Davidson

220- Paris

285- Pokorney 

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Ok well please don't take this serious. I did not put much thought into these silly names. My daughter was bored and I started saying funny names to get her to laugh. As bad as these are, I promise you this is nowhere even close to being the silliest thing Ive done to make her laugh.It wouldn't even crack the top 100!!  This is the most interesting time to do pickems, because as predictable as some of these weights can be some years, they are just as unpredictable in others. One year you may get 7 winners and every guy you picked made it to the Bank. Then the next year you may pick 0 correct and only a few of them even made it to the Bank. Their has been a whole lot of predictable weight classes in the past decade or so. It's pretty easy to do when you have All Time greats like the Tsirtsis and Lee brothers and then you have Angel Escobedo,Chad Red, Steven Micic, Drew Hughes, Shawn Streck, Wesley Bernard,Gelen Robinson,Tommy Forte,Blake Rypel,Brock Hudkins and Andrew Davison. And now we have Mason Parris and Brayton Lee. So it didn't take much knowledge of the sport to pick By of these guys as the winner.I don't believe it will ever be as many "locks" as their has been since Alex Tsirtsis came through.Not only did everyone in Indiana know he was gonna win it all no matter what team they were from, NOONE even thought he'd be scored on so any time an opponent would even touch a leg or literally show any fight whatsoever the whole arena would erupt. I don't think we will see many more years like that or some like the ones of these other guys either. So take your 2 "locks" this year and appreciate them because I don't think we will see anywhere even close to the amount we've seen over the past 10-12 years. Good luck to everyone who has a son or friend in the tournament, this could possibly be the best times of his life. ENJOY


106- Jacob " A bunch walked away losers but" Moran


113- Brayden Curtis "in session"


120- Sammy "last year wasn't" Fair

126- Asa Garcia "in the finals"


132- Graham "cracker" Rooks


138- Kris "shake your" Rumph


145- Kasper "not so friendly" Mcintosh


152- Brayton "could win it with his eyes closed probab" Lee


160- "go" Diego "go" Lemley


170- Zack Fattore " them to pieces"


182- Nathan Walton "the world were they thinkin"


195- Lucas "i can" Davison


220- Mason "of God" Parris


285- Isaiah "I'll take a large fry and a" McWilliams

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