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Mooresville Holiday Classic

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I seen the brackets and noticed that Reilly Peterson @285 has one loss.  Who was it to?  That kid is a monster and kind of reminds me of a younger Adam Chalfant (remember when Chalfant pulled his singlet off his shoulders at State in the finals and he had a 12 pack.  Seems to me that Peterson would be a great pick up for a D1 school looking for a heavy (hard to find).  Another one of them corn fed Hendricks Co. boys.

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Excited to see how it all shakes out tomorrow! A little preview because I can't sleep...


Favorite: Ben Dalton- Monrovia. The super freshman has been great so far in HS after a MS State title last season.

Contenders: Meier- Bloomington North, Gardner-Edgewood, Allen-Plainfield, Pichardo-Seymour

Meier has a great record but unfortunately bumps into Gardner in the quarters and if he wins has Allen in the Semi-finals. Any of the three could meet Dalton in the finals. Pichardo is the likely opponent for Dalton in the Semis.


1st- Dalton- Monrovia

2nd- Gardner- Edgewood

3rd- Allen- Plainfield

4th- Meier- Bloomington North

5th- Driver- Westfield

6th- Pichardo- Seymour

7th- Young- Mooresville

8th- Lee- Delta



Favorite: Carson Eldred-Westfield. Receiving the number 1 seed over a loaded field, but this one is certainly not a lock!

Contenders: Montgomery- Brownsburg, Casebolt- Castle, Overton- Greenwood, Todd- Yorktown

Much like 106, the contenders here are spread out at seeds 2, 3, 4, and 6, meaning one will place a little lower than you might think. Montgomery and Casebolt are set to meet in the semis IF Montgomery can get by a tough Keegan Overton in the quarters. Zach Todd is the likely semi-final opponent for Eldred. In the final I like Eldred over Montgomery in a 5-3 match.

Sleepers: Isaiah Pugh of Mooresville is a tough Freshman and Donlan of Scecina comes in with a 13-1 record. Both could pull an upset if contenders are reeling from a tough loss.


1st- Eldred- Westfield

2nd- Montgomery- Brownsburg

3rd- Casebolt- Castle

4th- Todd- Yorktown

5th- Overton- Greenwood

6th- Pugh- Mooresville

7th- Donlan- Scecina

8th- Chandler- Seymour



Favorite: Brayden Curtis- Yorktown. State champ...what else is there to say?

Contenders: Justice Cash- Bloomington North, Victor Antunez- Jennings County, Noah Orman- Edgewood

Here the contenders are seeded pretty well at 2, 3, 4, setting up match-ups of Curtis-Orman, and Cash-Antunez for the semis.

Sleepers: Another quality freshman for the Pioneers is Breken Greene who will face off with Orman in the quarterfinals and could give him a good match. Westfield's Drilik also has a deceiving record and could give Antunez an early challenge in the second round. 

Predictions: In the end, I like Curtis to beat Cash by 6-7 points in the final.

1st- Curtis- Yorktown

2nd- Cash- Bloomington North

3rd- Antunez- Jennings County

4th- Orman- Edgewood

5th- Greene- Mooresville

6th- Johnson- Brownsburg

7th- Amento- Evansville Central

8th- George- Homestead



Favorite: Ty Mills-Brownsburg. Two time state finalist, 3 time placer, Mills returns for his senior season looking to bring home a Mooresville Classic Title against stiff competition.

Contenders: Willis- Castle, Denny- Monrovia, Lane-Edgewood

These are also seeded well, with potential matchups of Mills-Lane and Willis-Denny in the semis. 

Sleepers: Barberis of Jennings County could upset Lane in the quarters and get a shot at Mills and Spencer Cox of Mooresville is a tough Senior who could easily snatch a win from Willis if he's looking ahead. The toughest draw of the touney goes to Westfield's Brogan, who draws Mills in round 1 and will have to fight all the way back presuming he doesn't pull off the early morning upset.

Predictions: I like Mills to win this in a tight one over Willis. This is a really tough weight though and anyone could come home with it if Team State roughed up Mills and/or Willis.

1st- Mills- Brownsburg

2nd- Willis- Castle

3rd- Denny- Monrovia

4th- Cox- Mooresville

5th- Lane- Edgewood

6th- Brogan- Westfield

7th- Mikulich- Bloomington North

8th- Blackburn- Delta



Favorite: Evan Lawhead- Brownsburg. Though not the top seed (that belongs to Edgewood State Qualifier Zane Sullivan), the favorite is the young bulldog but he'll be challenged by a deep weight of game athletes.

Contenders: Sullivan- Edgewood, Curtis- Yorktown, Craig- Jennings County, Hartz- Castle, Burdon- Plainfield

As you can see, more contenders listed than any other. This is the deepest weight in the tourney! Seeds 1-6 are all capable of winning the title! Matchups of Sullivan- Curtis/Burdon and Lawhead-Craig/Hartz loom in the semis with tough Quarterfinals as well!

Sleepers: Franklin Central Brings a Senior with a 9-2 record in Chase Peavler and seniors are always tough outs in Holiday Tourneys. Same goes for Mooresville's Nick McGowan, who is no stranger to this tourney. Cordell Cowan of Hamilton Heights got a tough draw in round one with Lawhead, but could wrestle all the way back to place for sure!

Prediction: I see Lawhead in a tighter than expected match over Sullivan in the final. I think Sullivan's length and strength is difficult to overcome as he will tilt Yorktown's Curtis in the semi-final.

1st- Lawhead- Brownsburg

2nd- Sullivan- Edgewood

3rd- Curtis- Yorktown

4th- Craig- Jennings County

5th- Burdon- Plainfield

6th- Hartz- Castle

7th- McGowan- Mooresville

8th- Bethe- Evansville Central



Favorite: Alex Barr- Yorktown. Though not top seeded (Brownsburg had the spot, replaced starter with back-up), Barr is the prohibitive favorite here.

Contenders: Barkes- Homestead, Penegar-Seymour, Kincaid of Castle

The contenders here are really not seemingly on the same level as the favorite, but in wrestling anything can happen. Certainly tons of surprises in this weight!

Sleepers: Brownsburg's Yoder could very well find himself in the finals if he has a good day. Really anyone in the bracket has a shot.

Predictions: I think Barr runs away with this one with a surprising Barkes of Homestead taking a rough loss in the final.

1st- Barr-Yorktown

2nd- Barkes- Homestead

3rd- Kincaid- Castle

4th- Deckard- Edgewood

5th- Penegar- Seymour

6th- Robinson- Westfield

7th- Holt- Plainfield

8th- Yoder- Brownsburg (could be totally off here, taking a shot in the dark)



Favorite: Colt Rutter- Yorktown. Top seeded and tough to beat.

Contenders: Peyton Asbury- Brownsburg and Austin Heckman- Edgewood

The contenders are set to meet in the semi-finals with the right to take on Rutter in the finals on the line.

Sleepers: Hard to say a 13-1 Senior from Castle is a sleeper, but second-seeded Jacob Freeman is just that. Many don't think he will beat Asbury, but it's gonna be a tough match in the quarters for both. SEVERAL others deserve mention here as this is another very deep weight.

Predictions: I think Asbury survives a murderer's row of Dexter Grubb, Freeman, and Heckman on his way to the finals but all those tough matches take their toll when added to Team State matches a few days prior and he drops a tight one to Rutter in the final.

1st- Rutter- Yorktown

2nd- Asbury- Brownsburg

3rd- Heckman- Edgewood

4th- Freeman- Castle

5th- Inman- Bloomington North

6th- Love- Delta

7th- Vaughn- Jennings County

8th- Grubb- Martinsville



Favorite: Well..Probably Christian Hunt now that Brayton Lee is out of the bracket. Hunt is a state title finalist from a year ago and will have to navigate a crowded weight class.

Contenders: Wathen- Jennings County, Schrader- Greenwood, Craig-Mooresville

All three will be ready for a shot at Hunt. Schrader is the likely match up for Hunt in the Semi-final and the winner of Wathen and Craig in the quarters has the inside track to the final bout.

Sleepers: A couple jump out to me here. Lane of Guerin was county champ at this weight last weekend and has just one loss (to Brayton Lee). Saez of Wesfield is also a very capable wrestler that unfortunately draws into Brooks Wathen in the second round. Lee's Back-up Thompkins is a wildcard here as well.

Prediction: My first UPSET!! I think Wathen comes out like a bat out of Hades and wrestles well enough to beat Hunt in the final in a close match.

1st- Wathen- Jennings County

2nd- Hunt- Yorktown

3rd- Schrader- Greenwood

4th- Deters- Castle

5th- Craig- Mooresville

6th- Smith- Bloomington North

7th- Lane- Guerin Catholic

8th- Turner- Delta



Favorite: Hiestand- Yorktown. Really not a deep weight here, but as always, anyone can be beaten.

Contenders: Hartz- Castle, Rebein- Scecina, Parrish- Homestead

The contenders could all be beaten by somebody with a lesser record. No big names here, which makes for a surprising and fun day of wrestling to determine placing.

Sleepers: Perhaps Rotert of Seymour and his 16 wins will score an upset and break into the finals?

Prediction: Again, I see the Tiger winning handily here with a win over Hartz in the final.

1st- Hiestand- Yorktown

2nd- Hartz- Castle

3rd- Parrish- Homestead

4th- Newkirk- Mooresville

5th- Rotert- Seymour

6th- Rebein- Scecina

7th- McPike- Terre Haute South

8th- Woodard- Jennings County



Favorite: ??? Not really a clear-cut favorite here.

Contenders: Wyro- Homestead, Willham- Greenwood, Kemper- Evansville Central, Beineke- Jennings County.

I believe any of the four has a chance to win it all this year and they match up in the semis: Wyro-Beineke and Kemper- Willham

Sleepers: Nolan Wampler of Bloomington North has 20 wins already this season and could challenge Beineke in the quarters. Jean-Baptiste is a wildcard up a weight here for Brownsburg. Would not surprise me in the least if he won it all.

Predictions: I think Wyro stays hot like he was last year and remains undefeated. This is a tough wrestler who knows how to win and sneaks by both Beineke and WIllham in the final.

1st- Wyro- Homestead

2nd- Willham- Greenwood

3rd- Beineke- Jennings County

4th- Wampler- Bloomington North

5th- Jean- Baptiste- Brownsburg

6th- Kemper- Evansville Central

7th- Archer- Edgewood

8th- Brown- Delta



Favorite: Nate Walton- Brownsburg. The favorite in this tournament for sure, but there is no shortage of competitors.

Contenders: Guerrier- Evansville Central, Dodson- Martinsville, Nunn- Castle

Unfortunate for somebody, Dodson (up a weight) will meet with Nunn in the quarters, while Walton doesn't look to be getting a challenge until the final.

Sleepers: Either Sachinas of Seymour or Jackson of Tri will score big win in the quarters and earn the right to take on Walton in the semis, guaranteeing a placement of at least 6th. Rough draw for NC SS ranked Mahoney of Westfield as he takes on Dodson in the opening round. Bet on him to be on the podium even so.

Predictions: I think Walton wins, but it is closer than expected over Guerrier in the final.

1st- Walton- Brownsburg

2nd- Guerrier- Evansville Central

3rd- Dodson- Martinsville

4th- Nunn- Castle

5th- Sachinas- Seymour

6th- Keesee- Franklin Central

7th- Mahoney- Westfield

8th- Jackson- Tri



Favorite: ??? Another weight with no clear favorite!

Contenders: Stine- Martinsville, Rolley- Castle, Pease-Delta

These three stand out, but aren't far ahead of the sleepers either.

Sleepers: Glaze- Brownsburg (kid will be solid), Whitney- Monrovia (very strong, can compete with anyone), Carrier- Evansville Central

Predictions: I think Pease scores a minor upset over Rolley in the quarters, then beats Whitney before finishing off Stine in the finals. If he's been banged up, it may be tougher than he can handle over the two days.

1st- Pease- Delta

2nd- Stine- Martinsville

3rd- Rolley- Castle

4th- Whitney- Monrovia

5th- Carrier- Evansville Central

6th- Corrales- Seymour

7th- Glaze- Brownsburg

8th- Perez- Terre Haute South



Favorite: Aiken- Brownsburg. 

Contenders: Walker- Martinsville, Naylor- Hamilton Heights

Not a very deep weight here. Walker is solid, but not great, same with Naylor. Aiken should handle all comers.

Predictions: Aiken wins it by 6-8 over Walker in the final.

1st: Aiken- Brownsburg

2nd- Walker- Martinsville

3rd- Naylor- Hamilton Heights

4th- Carter- Castle

5th- Borom- Seymour

6th- McClelland- Mooresville

7th- Ferrel- Scecina

8th- Howell- Terre Haute South


Favorite: Peterson- Brownsburg. Big strong and fast, but there is a deep pool of talent to challenge here.

Contenders: McCubbins- Monrovia, Comer- Mooresville, Lofton- Castle, Parsons- Yorktown, Biddle- Plainfield

Deep amount of contenders. Peterson could see Parsons or Biddle in the Semi-final and any of McCubbins, Comer, or Lofton in the final. Always a tough weight at this tourney!

Sleepers: Brady Shepherd, should he actually wrestle, would throw a huge wrench into all of this bracket.

Predictions: I think McCubbins is ripe for an upset and Comer will be the guy to do it. This is a kid who went toe to toe with Parsons two weeks ago and is just as athletic as any heavy in the bracket. However, I like Peterson to win the weight.

1st- Peterson- Brownsburg

2nd- Comer- Mooresville

3rd- Parsons- Yorktown

4th- Biddle- Plainfield

5th- Lofton- Castle

6th- McCubbins- Monrovia

7th- Haire- Terre Haute South

8th- Langley- Bloomington North


Team Race:

Favorite: With so many out of Brownsburg's line-up, it's likely Yorktown's title to lose. 

Contenders: Brownsburg, Castle, Jennings County

Brownsburg just needs a few key breaks and wins to collect enough points and stop Yorktown enough to win it. Castle and JC need more breaks, but have the horses to pull it off if a couple of key upsets were pulled.

Sleepers: Martinsville, Mooresville, Monrovia, Bloomington North, Plainfield, Seymour

All of the above teams have quality individuals that will place and score points. A solid middle pack of a tourney.  


Overall, I expect 2 full days of wrestling and lots of fun. I'll surely be off on 1 or 2 spots (more like all of them) and any perceived bias against a team is just that, perceived. There's a good chance someone will see something they disagree with...Awesome, tell me what you think. There are more than a few kids I had no knowledge of this year, and that will certainly throw everything off.

Best of luck to all competitors at this event!

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The predictions above are pretty good. I try not to lean to heavily on my home team (Delta) but I think there’s a few wrestlers from Delta that will place a little better. #132 Blackburn should do better than 8th. #145 Love should do a little better than 6th. Unfortunately, I don’t think we will see Pease @ 195wrestle today. ??

Regardless, I think we’re in for a really good day of wrestling!! Good luck to all wrestlers. 

Edited by RustyLove

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Great write up Brobst.  Unfortunately with illness, injury, and missed weights a few of the outlooks are going to not end up working.  But nice preview of the event.  Now if you can get FabioJr to run around recording the action on Twitch for those stuck at home.   

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49 minutes ago, MattM said:

Great write up Brobst.  Unfortunately with illness, injury, and missed weights a few of the outlooks are going to not end up working.  But nice preview of the event.  Now if you can get FabioJr to run around recording the action on Twitch for those stuck at home.   

I know! It’s notorious for tons of changes the day of especially since Team State has been right before the past few years. Kids get banged up and hurt and sick... still gonna be a fun tourney and with a few hammers out, it gives some other kids a shot to shine.

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Had a discussion with the AD and tourney director I will be attempting to stream finals tomorrow. I will have a more clear idea when it will kick off tomorrow gotta figure out what service I can go through 

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20 minutes ago, Fabio Jr. said:

Had a discussion with the AD and tourney director I will be attempting to stream finals tomorrow. I will have a more clear idea when it will kick off tomorrow gotta figure out what service I can go through 

Best news I’ve had since finding out I could go. Hope it comes together.  

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Guerrier vs Walton could be a doozy..@170 I seen willham this summer and he looked damn strong vs Carson when they wrestled at vevay tournament finals but it wouldn't surprise me if Pulls the on paper upset vs willham..tjb has wrestled plenty of studs already this year and upset A very good Carson few weeks ago... man I wish was attending this awesome tournament instead of cutting down trees in the frigid cold... oh well ppl need their power on so I gotta keep grinding here at work! 

Edited by FCFIGHTER170

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22 hours ago, Fabio Jr. said:

Reily lost in Ohio. He's out today tho hurt his back at Team State

who is this Reily kid from BBurg ?  isn't there a thread on here that talks about him not being worthy of the rank in state as he has no credentials ?  must be a mistake somewhere cause............................................................THE KID IS A BEAST AND NOW YOU ALL KNOW !!!!!!!!    LOL     #TheCounty   #PainTrain 

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11 minutes ago, Indysportsfan said:

What time do the semi-finals start?

Semi-Finals and consolation matches occur together during the first round of Day 2.  I believe that is scheduled for 9am.   

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1 hour ago, MattM said:

Although I’ve also seen 10. 

started at 9a per a source actually there right now........... #TheCounty   #PainTrain

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I will post the youtube video here and on facebook when we go live for the finals. I believe we have a face off ill see if i can convince one of these nice plainfield kids to help a fellow #county member out #growing the sport


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2 hours ago, mikemorgan said:

What happened to Mills and Walton?

They both went down with the Flu last night.  It's been going through the team and finally caught up to them yesterday evening. Ty felt great yesterday up until about 10pm and starting feeling bad and then looked like death this morning when he was getting up.  Rather than try to struggle through the day and risk spreading to other kids, I pulled the plug on his day.  It's been a rough few weeks, so hopefully the rest of the season will go smoother after this.  Good luck to the rest of the wrestlers out there competing today!

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