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The Spartan Classic

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You sir will now be known as The Saint of Connorsville.  Can’t wait for the town to get the internet and learn of the wonders of track wrestling.  

The bigger question is who will be brave enough to send me brackets?

Welcome Crown Point!  Remember, The Spartan Classic is at the Spartan Bowl located at the Connersville Middle School at 19th and Grand Avenue NOT at Connersville High School.

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2 minutes ago, Dogs said:


You guys have a bunch of great kids. I enjoyed following them this weekend. Great Tourney. Glad we came down, was great getting to wrestle kids we never get a chance to see.

Good Luck the rest of the season.....


Very appreciated brother.  Thoroughly enjoyed watching many of your guys compete.  Very talented, physical young men.  Really look forward to seeing Mendez bang with the big fellas next year!  Congratulations on your team's collective success.  Well deserved. 

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3 hours ago, IndianaWrestlingGuy said:

Who beat Frieje?

Coming off injury and didn't compete.  He and my son Silas have been teammates in the off-season (Outlaws) (Team IN).  Briefly spoke to him inquiring about his situation when I too noticed he wasn't wrestling. He said that he'll be back rolling next week (wrist injury).  Great kid. 

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106 - Chundi (Car), Ester (FWS), Carter (CP), Owens (EN), Vredeveld (Cen), Williams (WB), Prichett (Fish), Berry (Shelby)
113 - Lowery (Ron), Shafer (Car), Dorman (GC), Busby (Cen), Rider (BC), Krouse (Valpo), Reyes (CP), Lee (FC)
120 - Mattingly (Car), Slivka (Ron), Wells (Greensburg), Carney (BG), Atkins (JC), Tippmann (FWS), Ludlow (Fish), Alfrey (Shen)
126 - Viduya (Ron), Smiley (BG), Kelly (CP), Evans (GC), Humphrey (FWS), Phillips (Cen), Rose (Greensburg), Bond (Valpo)
132 - Noehre (GC), Phillips (Cen), Ledesma (EN), Taylor (CP), Perry (SW), Nylin (Valpo), Condi (Ron), Spikes (BC)
138 - Moore (BG), Burford (CP), Dembowski (Valpo), Keeney (Ron), Pugsley (Shen), Struder (Fish), Stacy (EN), Bocock (Leb)
145 - Lohrey (Shen), Noehre (GC), Humbert (FC), Miller (Ron). Redd (con), Willis (EH), Beeks (SW), Bates (Hag)
152 - Lamore (CP), Browning (FC), Williamson (Leb), Delk (Shen), Beeks (SW), Clark (Cen), Wills (EH), Davis (FWS)
160 - Eitlejorge (Car), Kasch (CP), Winner (JC), Coffman (UC), Lawler (Rush), Massey (Con), Heiniger (Fish), Purtha (Hag)
170 - Lowe (GC), Traficanti (CP), Hart (Car), Kocks (FWS), Deluna (Valpo), Souder (Leb), Smith (SW), Salazar (Ron)
182 - Allred (Shen), Mahan (Ron), Potosky (CP), Christen (FWS), Frey (Car), Griffith (Rush), Holbrook (EN), Cioe (Valpo)
195 - Hansen (Ron), Ford (BC), Bohman (FC), Pierce (Rich), Bacon (Car), Lorenz (Greensburg), Brown (FWS), Berger (Northeastern)
220 - McClaine (Leb), Hare (JC), Gulden (GC), Strum (Rush), Rohn (Con), Pinaire (Eastern), Fears (Ron), Burton (EH)
285 - Foster (CP), Koors (Greensburg), Williams (Car), Swartz (FWS), Foster (BC), Harris (Ron), Greene (BG), Smith (EN)  


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