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Favorite Coach's Quote/Saying

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Bob Harmon, Castle--  "How many times are you going to fall for that?!?!"

Joe Gossman (Mater Dei 1958-1978)--  "Boy, you are just like an ole' catfish; all mouth and no ass."

Mike Goebel, Mater Dei (Voice dripping with sarcasm)--  "Miiiisterrrr Refffffereeee...."

Scott Ferguson, Reitz-- "Now finish it!"

Gus Peters (Mater Dei 1950-1956)-  "You ain't serious about training if you've got a girlfriend.  You'll have time for that in the off-season."

Robert Ervin, Union County (KY)-- "God, family and wrestling."

Jeff Parkinson, Mater Dei Feeder Coach--  Decorum prevents me from repeating what he said on this forum.  However, the referee thought it came from Tim Boots and attempted to throw Boots out of the match.  Not pretty.


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"Hat's on!":  Said by Goebel when drilling was done and it was time to put the head gear on and go live.

"On your backs!"  Said by Goebel at the end of practice.  top man puts bottom man in a pinning combination and bottom man has 30 seconds to get out.  The switch.  Also meant practice was just about over!!

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