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Need a club to join

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9 hours ago, Victor said:

I've been trying to find clubs around Marion does anyone know of any 

Season starts next week. You can’t go to club and workout with other kids from other schools once that starts (Ihsaa rules). You seem to want to get better and that is awesome. For now you need to go to your practices as much as possible. Hit your weight room. Ask your coaches to work with you extra (if they have time). Most importantly... hit the books. Wrestling means nothing if you don’t make the grades. Once your season is over... get back on this thread. There are some great people on here that will be more than happy to help a great student athlete to achieve their goals. I actually used to be the kids director at the iswa. If you are serious and are making the grades, I will help you find resources to get better (call if you would like). But.. until then put your faith and time into your high school program. 

Good Luck

Matt Brewer


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