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Didn't get smashed and it wasn't to a nobody.  Freeman's is 8-2, has a series of legit BBJ wins, and just lost a close decision for the RFA title (a higher level MMA minor league).  Sure he's not a UFC household name but it's not a "can" either.  Pico marched Freeman down and started throwing without much headmovement.  Due to this they threw as the same time and Freeman connected with an uppercut which hurt Pico.  Unfortunately Pico leaned forward after getting rocked and fell right into Freeman's go to BBJ finish a guillitine choke.  When you give a experienced BBJ  guy your neck you are going to be in deep trouble.  Pico didn't get smashed he just was either over confindent or nervous and walked right into a good punch and fell into a chokehold.  If he was out skilled and punished for a whole rounds I'd call it smashed. What it was is he got caught from walking an opponent down and not moving to avoid the punch.  Live and learn.  


Sure it's not Pico's finest moment, but no need to overly troll him for getting caught in his first fight.  

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I didn't think Pico looked confident before the match.  The Bellator crowd is a lot different than a World Wrestling Championship crowd.  Hopefully he will bounce back and adjust.  I am sure he will.

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