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Ed Pendoski

CUSAWC Celebrity Dual Meet tomorrow!

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Sunday Night we are hosting our first Celebrity Dual Meet at 6:00 in the Varstiy Gym at Carmel High School.  The goal of our dual it to help raise money for our middle school guys going to Wabash camp, in a way that promotes the sport (does anyone like selling candles?).  Admission to our duals is free, but we are asking for a $10 donation.  We look forward to starting this tradition and are excited about what this can grow into in the future!


Match 1:

Jerrod Smith vs Sam Bublick

Both Smith and Bublick are IHSAA State Qualifiers from our 2016 team and this is quite the matchup.  Both grapplers are known for their ability to scramble so that category is a push.  Smith brings a high cardio level to this match and Bublick brings a power situation that can give Smith fits. 


Odds makers are taking Bublick if it is a 90 second match, but the longer the match goes, the more momentum can move to Smith's advantage. 


Match 2:

Gary Bacon vs Bill Kepler

Bacon and Kepler are both Alumni of Wabash College and they also have incredible street cred around the streets of Crawfordsville from their presence there in the late 90's early 80's.  This is an interesting matchup because Bacon has size on his favor, but Kepler might have more power.  I'm sure both guys thumbs are sore from the group text trash talk that I have been fortunate enough to be included in.


Odds makers have this match leaning towards Bacon, but Kepler isn't out of the equation because of all of the unknowns he brings to the table.


Match 3:

Aj Gunn vs Jake Shafer

This match will be fun to watch with two of Carmel's better resume guys getting after it.  Shafer had a collarbone issue this winter and is just getting back into his true form, while Gunn is a crafty opponent that is learning to score from different positions every day.


Match 4:

Jack Eiteljorge vs. Chad Welch

Eiteljorge has improved lately and has been rumored to score his first takedown on "The Chad" last week.  Chad contests this score and blames Doug for being a terrible ref.  Can Jack score another one if front of people and Doug not being the ref?


Match 5:

Doug Welch vs Scott Hinkel

Hinkel is the career pins leader for Purdue before he became head coach there from 2007-2015.  Coach Hinkel actually recruited Doug to wrestle at Purdue.  Coach Welch has one state titles and has NCAA wins over some of America's best, but can he get over the "Big Brother" syndrome and score on his first college mentor.  Definitely should be match of the night!

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