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2017 ISWA Triple Crown Winners

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Congratulations to all of our 2017 ISWA Triple Crown winners!! 


Bantam 45- Spenser McCammon of Sullivan Co WC

Bantam 55- Carter Hall of Maurer Coughlin WC

Bantam 65- Cohen Long of Club Madison/PWA

Bantam 90- Kameron Hazelett of Region WA

Intermediate 75/80- Kyle Harden of CIA

Novice 55- Nathan Rioux of Contenders WA

Novice 60- Revin Dickman of Contenders WA

Novice 65- Parker Reynolds of Contenders WA

Novice 75- Brady Ison of Contenders WA

Novice 90- Caden Brewer of Contenders WA

Novice 95- Aiden Torres of Chesterton WC

Novice 100- Kaden McConnell of Contenders WA

Novice 120/130- Dylan Bridgman of Perry Meridian WC

Novice 165- Edgar Decker of Hammond Gladiators WC

Schoolboy 84- Cheaney Schoeff of Contenders WA

Schoolboy 105/112- Jesse Mendez of Region WA

Schoolboy 128- Brady McKivitz of Avon WC

Schoolboy 144- Griffin Ison of Red Cobra WA

Schoolboy 152/160- Evan Bates of Chesterton WC

Schoolboy 160/175- Robert Bowman of Region WA

Schoolboy 265- Matthew Munoz of Team Jeff WC

Cadet 88/94- Alec Freeman of Maurer Coughlin WC

Cadet 120- Blake Boarman of Maurer Coughlin WC

Cadet 152/160- Antwaun Graves of Warren WA

Cadet 170-Silas Allred of Shenandoah WC

Junior 113- Jacob Moran of Portage WC

Junior 195- Lucas Davison of Chesterton WC


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