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State of the Mat Address

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Lol I thought the title was funny so i am running with it.


I want to wish Coach Ratliff the best of luck in his next 2 years as IHSWCA president.  Next Week we will be sending out the ballots for our next VP.  We have two qualified candidates in Mark Line and Jake O'Neil.  I want to thank everyone for their support and input in my 5 years serving the IHSWCA (1 year as Sect, 2 years as VP, 2 Years as Prez)  I really enjoyed the experience and feel that the relationship we as a association has built with the IHSAA is tremendous.  Is everything in the sport of wrestling in Indiana great?  No, but we have been making continued strides in the right direction to constantly improve our sport.  I will serve the next 2 years in a advisory role to Coach Ratliff if he ever needs to bounce ideas off of me just as Coach Struck did with me.  I think this experience has helped me understand where our sport has been and where we are going.  I feel that no matter what i will always now be there to help the IHSWCA in the future and I ask more of you to get involved.  I would love down the road to do this all over again as I feel making sure we stay on the right path is important.


Your in Wrestling

Tyson Skinner

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