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Small School Representation

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I didn't see it in the information center article, but I was wondering what are the numbers for small schools this year? How many of those schools are coming to the state finals and how many wrestlers did they have qualify? I would typically consider 2A/1A small, but you could make a case for 2A, I guess, but if someone has the stats, please post them.

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Here is the participants at 1A team state from this year



1A IHSWCA Duals Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Prairie Heights                    2
2nd Place - Shenandoah                      4
3rd Place - Oak Hill                               1
4th Place - Monrovia                             3
5th Place - North Posey                        1
6th Place - Adams Central                    2
7th Place - Knightstown                        0
8th Place - Central Noble                      2
10th Place - Fountain Central               0
10th Place - Triton                                 0
12th Place - Elwood                              1
12th Place - Winchester                        0

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JC Herring - Oak Hill

Colin Reagan - Frontier

Jake Armstrong - Winamac

Andrew Black - Shenandoah



Chris Schuller - Woodlan

Tanner Schoeff - Central Noble


120- None



Dallas Pugsley - Shenandoah



Anthony Mosser - Adams Central

Noah Franklin - New Washington

Austin Moore - Central Noble



Levi Miller - North Posey

Logan Macklin - Adams Central

Ryan Surguy - Shenandoah


145- None



Cody Klettheimer



Jed Levitz - Prairie Heights

Ethan Stock - Monrovia

Josh Gee - Shenandoah



Eli Stock - Monrovia

Bradley Groover - River Forest



Joey Blakeley - Prairie Heights



Kyle Shaffer - South Putnam

David Delph - Frankton

Tyler Moser - Bremen



Garrison Lee - Monrovia

Kyle Cornwell - Elwood


285- None


Total: 25/224 or 11% if I didn't miss one or add one I shouldn't have.

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Mater Dei has 5.  They are in a lower class in football than several of these.  They can't be counted out just because they choose to compete with the big boys.


That's the price you pay for not being beholden to geographical boundaries like 97% of the schools in Indiana.

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I'd love it if just to prove a point, the mater dei staff moved to a public school of similar size just to see how quickly they got back to being a powerhouse.

You can't just pin the Mater Dei tradition on their high school coaches. They have MANY former wrestlers that coach the youth kids at their elementaries and such. You'd have to uproot quite a few people. The Mater Dei program is a well oiled machine that pumps out top wrestlers year after year.


As with any top program there are too many people to name that are the reasons for their success.

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I'd love it if just to prove a point, the mater dei staff moved to a public school of similar size just to see how quickly they got back to being a powerhouse.

You are grossly misinformed as to how their program works if you think the main cogs are the high school coaches from the time they are 9th graders until their senior year. I think there is a little more to their program than that. 

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I suppose I wasn't clear, but I meant everyone from top to bottom. It was more a statement of how ridiculous it is that people still harp on Mater Dei for recruiting when anyone who has ever tried to build a program knows how much work the coaches of any high level program put in.


My post was meant as a compliment to a great program. Sorry it wasn't taken as such

Edited by Coach Nieman
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2A Representatives


106-     1A-4, 2A-5, 3A-7

Logan Boe - Danville

Brayden Curtis - Yorktown

Eli Hickman - Rensselaer

Brayden Shearer - Garrett

Seth Johnson - North Montgomery


113-    1A-2, 2A-3, 3A-11

Hunter Watts - Jimtown

Ryne Webb - Rensselaer

Jose Diaz- Wheeler


120-    1A-0, 2A-4, 3A-12

Josh Stephenson - Yorktown

Alex Mosconi - Indian Creek

Zane Sullivan - Edgewood

Braxton Alexander - Wawasee


126-   1A-1, 2A-3, 3A-12

Matt Gimson - Jimtown

Dylan DeMarco - Garrett

Hunter Cottingham - Western


132-   1A-3, 2A-6, 3A-7

Manzona Bryant - Culver Academies

Cainan Schaefer - South Dearborn

Christian Hunt - Yorktown

Ethan Smiley - Beech Grove

Jeremiah Reitz - Griffith

Conner Gimson - Jimtown


138-   1A-3, 2A-2, 3A-11

Grant Gutierrez - Bellmont

Eric Hiestand - Yorktown


145-   1A-0, 2A-2, 3A-14

Boone Welliever - Southmont

Carlos Aguirre - Garrett


152-   1A-1, 2A-5, 3A-10

Tucker Schank - Southridge

Hunter Reed - Columbia City

Kenny Kern - Jimtown

Colt Rutter - Yorktown

Austin Bethel - Mount Vernon


160-   1A-3, 2A-4, 3A-9

Chase Wilson - Princeton

Tony Busse - Bellmont

Nick Potter - New Haven

Brad Laughlin - Yorktown


170-  1A-2, 2A-5, 3A-9

Bryce Baumgartner - Bellmont

Tanner Webster - North Montgomery

Jonyvan Johnson - New Haven

Jordan Rader - Peru

Jake Ruberg - Lawrenceburg


182-   1A-1, 2A-5, 3A-10

Jonah Rolfes - Lawrenceburg

Jacob Hendrich - Northview

Evan Stambaugh - Lebanon

Stephen Nix - FW Bishop Dwenger

Jacob Gray - Delta


195-   1A-3, 2A-4, 3A-9

Draven Rasler - West Noble

Kick Schoonveld - Kankakee Valley

Caleb Hankenson - Bellmont

Jack Michel - Southridge


220-   1A-2, 2A-3, 3A-11

Jacob McClaine - Lebanon

Austin Evans - Lakeland

Mason Parris - Lawrenceburg


285- 1A-0, 2A-6, 3A-10

Wade Ripple - Mount Vernon

Aron Ceglarek - Kankakee Valley

Tyler Selm - Franklin County

Dylan Cain - Greensburg

Jacob Rhoades - Yorktown

Dan Clark - Rochester


1A- 25/224 - 11%

2A- 57/224 - 26%

3A- 142/224 - 63%

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