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Today was Brownsburg 5th running of our youth ISWA tournament.  This has grown far more than we ever thought when we took the initial plunge to host our first youth tournament 5years ago.  We've taken some risks over the years but hope it has helped bring strength to local Indiana wrestling opportunities and competition.  We'd like to express a couple thanks to those that have helped us build this tournament.  First, thank you Red Cobra wrestling for sponsoring our tournament these past three years, its been a blessing having your support and influence. Secondly thank you contenders wrestling for your annual support in sending a large contingent of wrestlers, very impressive talent and numbers every year.  Special thanks to Jim LittleJohn in assembling an excellent officiating crew every year, these guys have a long day on Saturday at sectionals then make the trek up to Bburg on Sunday, you guys are awesome.  Finally, I'd like to express thanks to Mark Durham for volunteering his time to mentor and coach me every year in the ways of trackwrestling, Indiana wrestling is fortunate to have his skills.

Thank you parents and teams that have travelled from all over the state today to compete here at the burg; especially great seeing representation from the far north and south corners of the state with the Region, Evansville, Madison, and some ft wayne kids; also Terra Haute looks to have a good thing going, was impressed with the talent I saw out of the Terra Haute teams today, that area may field some tough high school teams in the future.


Thank you all


Doug Campbell - Brownsburg Wrestling Club

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