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Goshen Regional

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Elkhart Sectional-35 SSQ

Westview Sectional-21 SSQ


Top 5 teams (Not in order)

Prairie Heights


Elkhart Central

Elkhart Memorial


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106 - Fernando Flores, Isaac Weimer, Nick Buchanan, Jon-Matthew Spaw

113 - Hunter Watts, Tanner Schoeff, Evan Beasley, Travis Miller

120 - Christian Mejia, Trevor Boyce, Jaylyn Yoder, Braxton Rodriguez

126 - Matt Gimson, Ryan Rasler, Zach Burrell, Adam Ledesma

132 - Conner Gimson, Austin Moore, Bryton Goering, Jayce Meyer

138 - Dillon Yoder, Owen Eveler, Rhett Evans, Chaz Boyd,

145 - Riley Rasler, Xander Stroud, Xavier VanAllen, Marcus Yoder

152 - Kenny Kerrn, Nate Weimer, Garrett Griffin, Isiah Levitz

160 - Jed Levitz, Tykease Baker, Jake Lone, Conner Mooney

170 - Tristan Goering, Coye Blodgett, Mikey Edwards, Jacob Baker

182 - Conner Graber, Joey Blakely, Scott Sutton, Dalton Heintzberger

195 - David Eli, Michael Leonard, Draven Rasler, Codey Shaffer

220 - Austin Evans, Trent Bixler, Levi Leffers, Kevin Hartman

285 - Nick Conner, Vince Yoder, Erik Contreras, Jackson Jacobs



Elkhart - 29 (11 champs)

Westview - 27 (3 champs)

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What a tournament!!!!  


Two undefeateds get their first losses of the year.


Congrats to Prairie Heights who outpaced the field today.  They win their first ever regional title (hard to believe).


IMO, Prairie Heights has put the FW Semi-state on notice.  Everyone on this team knows their role.  The difference is team score started in the first round - the tossup matches all went PH's way.  The matches they dominated ended in PINS.  These guys are trained to head hunt.  If you make a mistake and go to your back you are not getting off of it.  


Next weekend is going to be a blast!

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From Goshen:



Buchanan PH over Weimer WN

Weimer WN over Spaw EN

Flores Goshen over Buchanan PH


113 Beasley NR over Schoeff CN


120 Mejia EKM over Boyce Dek


126 Gimson JT over Rasler PH



Stacy EN over B. Goering EKM

Moore CN over Gimson JT


145 Rasler PH over Stroud EKC


152 Kerrn JT over Weimer EN


160 Levitz ph over Baker EKC


182 Blakeley PH over Graber NR


220 bixler NR over Evans LL


Missed a few I'm sure

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