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Good luck wrestlers!

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As you are preparing for regionals this week, good luck to every wrestler still competing. Congrats on your sectional success and to all the wrestlers that didn't make it through sectionals, Congrats on your great season, keep training hard for next year. As you wrestlers are training for regionals, you all have different goals, but at the end of the day, you all have the same opportunity to achieve an amazing thing. Top four at regional advancing to semi state. Keep in mind when you are training and competing how many would trade you to take your place, how many want the opportunity you have. Even if you don't finish this season where you wanted to or even if you do, win with dignity, and loose with humanity, i heard that saying from a snider fan the other day. Its a great saying to listen to. Not everyone gets to wrestle varsity, not everyone makes it out of sectionals, and some never get the opportunity to wrestle at the bank.That doesn't take away from the hard work and dedication they put into the sport. If you are competing this weekend good luck, Fly the W, and be proud. Not many get the opportunity. Its the greatest sport known to man and woman, the most grueling of them all, be proud to wrestle this weekend and thank your parents, coaches, teammates, and anyone else who has supported you and pushed you and made you better. Stay safe and healthy, wrestle tough, its anyones match on saturday morning. 

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