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Team State Qualification FAQs: Topic #2, Team Classification

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Just after Team State and during the Team State qualification process (during the individual state series), I am asked many, many questions "behind the scenes" by coaches and parents that want to understand the process better.  While the event is fresh in people's minds, I want to post a series of "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)" topics with basic descriptions of the qualification process.


Topic #2: Team Classification


Q: What data are used to determine teams' classification?


--The most recent official enrollment data from the IHSAA are used to classify teams into 1A, 2A, and 3A. FOR THE UPCOMING QUALIFICATION FOR THE 2019-20 EVENT, WE WILL USE THE DATA THAT THE IHSAA JUST RELEASED. 


Q: How many teams are assigned to each class?


--One third of all eligible teams each year are assigned to each class.  These totals could be slightly different from year to year.


Q: Are all Indiana high school wrestling programs eligible?


--Yes. However, a program must have 7 wrestlers compete at sectional for their team to be counted in classification.  Only those schools are considered toward Team State qualification.


Q: When is final classification announced each year?


--Usually, finalized classification assignments are announced following sectional Saturday when the eligible teams can be fully confirmed. In some years, the IHSAA releases its new data just after our tournament begins and so we wait to announce final classification based on those numbers.


Q: Why the change to only classify teams with at least 7 participants when the IHSAA counts sectional scores of teams with only 3? 

--The selection committee wanted the teams eligible to be those that could be considered a genuine dual meet team--not just a tournament team. This total of 7 is in line with what our neighbor Ohio does for their similar Team State format.

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One more clarification from another thread regarding this year's classification situation:


Yes, we classify every year, but two things have to happen for the teams to be officially classified:

1) The list of teams to be classified is finalized after we see who really wrestles at least 3 kids at sectional

2) The new IHSAA classification data comes out in late-February or early-March.


Unfortunately, in odd-numbered years, we're always in this situation of waiting for the new data just after the state finals so we can appropriately classify teams for next year's event according to the same data as all of the other sports.


We will post week-by-week qualification leaderboards by class during the IHSAA state series, but those lists will be unofficial because they will be based on old data (we'll do our best to post scenarios that could be in play involving schools near the class cut lines as well so final results won't be too big of a shock when the new data is released).

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