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Delta Sectionals Predictions ?

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145 is by far the deepest weight in the field... this weight class will provide some very fun matches to watch...  one quality wrestler will not get out of sectional...


According to seeds Yorktown should dominate, followed by Monroe Central and Delta....


Haven't delved too  much into the brackets yet for actual 1-4 predictions...

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106: Curtis

113: Todd

120: Stephenson

126: Curtis

132: Hunt

138: Hiestand

145: Barr

152: Rutter

160: Laughlin

170: Pease

182: Gray

195: Watson

220: Maddox

285: Rhoades


Yorktown dominates with 11 champs, Delta second with 2 champs and Monroe Centrals depth propells it to a third place finish

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106: Curtis, Abbott, West, Evens

113: Todd, Hoover, Winans, Tighe

120: Stephenson, Tinsman, Schliessman, Thomas

126: Curtis, Hale, Blackburn, Lloyd

132: Hunt, Schliessman, Meiring, Muzzarielli

138: Heistand, Love, Jones, Cooper

145: Barr, Prescott, Richardson, Leonard

152: Rutter, Green, Torbush, Moore

160: Laughlin, Huser, Bell, Wills

170: Pease/Hayden(toss up), Hicks, Jimenez

182: Gray, Sanchez, Calvert, Richard's

195: Maxwell, Watson, Alley, Minton (where is Reyes?)

220: Maddox, Parsons, Campbell, Finch ummm

285: Rhoades, Shaffer, Dunn, Eileen

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At 145 I believe Young From Muncie central will get beat by Richardson , Wrestle back to beat Learnord and probably wound up getting 4th. At 160 I believe Bell well beat Huser it will probably be a close match. At 170 Hayden Should be able to beat Pease did it once he can do it again. And at 285 Dunn will beat Shaffer I've seen Dunn make a lot of upsets in his wreslting Career... But there are my predictions just on a couple interesting matches

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106: Curtis, Abbott, West, Evens

(The semis match of West and Abbott will be exciting and whoever wins between Evens and Tinsman will qualify)


113: Todd, Robinson, Winans, Smith

(I believe Todd and Robinson are the class of 113 but just have much tougher schedules)


120: Stephenson, Tinsman, Schliessman, Thomas

(Won't be too many exciting matches here, I believe everything will kind of fall in to place as is with Schliessman having some exciting wrestle back matches)

126: Curtis, Blackburn, Hale, Lloyd

(The matches to watch here is the semis match of Blackburn and Hale and the 3v6 matchup of Willen and Lloyd)

132: Hunt, Schliessman, McCammon, Meiring

(Schliessman and Hunt will cruise to the finals with McCammon, Meiring, and Muzzarielli fighting it out for 3rd-5th)

138: Heistand, Cooper, Jones, Love

(Exciting semis match with Jones vs. Cooper here but I think there is a strong top 4 in this weight)

145: Barr, Prescott, Young, Richardson

(By far the pest weight class.  I love the 4v5 matchup with the winner giving Barr a match and the semis rematch of Prescott vs. Leonard will be exciting)

152: Rutter, Torbush, Green, Prybylla

(Very excited for the semi finals matchup of Torbush vs. Green and will be excited to see who squeaks out the 4th spot here)

160: Laughlin, Bell, Huser, Wills

(The West Point commit is by far the class here but the semis matchup of Bell vs. Huser is very exciting as well, with the loser most likely getting 3rd)

170: Hayden, Pease, Jiminez, Duncan

(Strong top 2 here which should make for a good finals and Jiminez, Duncan, and Hicks will fight it out for 3rd-5th)

182: Gray, Sanchez, Richards, Calvert

(Gray will run away with it but 2nd-4th is up in the air)

195: Watson, Maxwell, Alley, Sofronko

(Maxwell, Watson, and Alley are a strong top 3 and either of them could win it on Saturday but the winner of Sofronko and Minton should qualify as well)

220: Maddox, Parsons, Campbell, Ice

(Maddox will handle this class with Parsons most likely seeing him in the finals but Campbell, Ice, Finchum, and Bell will fight for 3rd and 4th)

285: Dunn, Rhoades, Shaffer, Swallow

(Very solid weight class here with an exciting championship match of Dunn and Rhoades but Shaffer, Swallow, and Brown could all qualify)

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Some exciting/potentially close matches.....


106- West (Delta) vs. Abbott (Wes-Del)


113- Todd (Yorktown) vs. Winnans (Monroe Central)


120- Thomas (Winchester) vs. Tinsman (Monroe Central)


126- Hale (Winchester) vs. Blackburn (Delta)


145- Prescott (Winchester) vs. Leonard (Monroe Central)


152- Torbush (Wes-Del) vs. Green (Delta)


160- Huser (Monroe Central) vs. Bell (Cowan)


195- Watson (Yorktown) vs. Maxwell (Delta)

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I'm curious to see how many Daleville wrestlers make it through. They have looked pretty decent this year.


I am interested to see which weight Daleville inserts Brandon Wills tomorrow.... my guess is 126....

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Will the Wills young man be released with full eligibility at that time?


From what I was told last week, he won his appeal and is eligible to wrestle...  

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I would think if he hasn't been inserted in a bracket he can't be added tomorrow morning.


Changes are made all the time... You are allowed to make changes on Saturday morning as long as you are not replacing a seeded wrestler.


I predict Yorktown will runaway with this...  they may have up to 12 in the finals...  Delta will have a lot of runner-ups and will finish 2nd...


Weight classes that are not a lock for Yorktown are 145, 170, 182, 195 and HW.....


145 ... champion will come from the top bracket... the top 3 wrestlers are all in the top...

170 ... Hayden from Muncie Central is a big favorite here...

182... Jacob Gray will most likely score 45 points as he techs the field ... he may pin a guy or 2...

195... This field is wide open... so who knows...

HW Rhoades Y and Dunn Muncie Central has the potential to be a very fun and exciting match...both HWs like to move...

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