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Not a "stat guy" so there is probably some errors (did take out teams that are not at Al Smith this year, but don't believe there were any Champions in those).....


Interesting facts:


Class of 2017:

Colton Cummings going for a 4th Title

Kyle Hatch going for a 3rd Title

Jason Crary going for a 2nd Title

Andrew Davison going for a 2nd Title

Kenny Kerrn going for a 2nd Title


Class of 2018 0 total Champions


Class of 2019:

Cayden Rooks going for 2nd Title


2017 group placed 11 freshmen (2 Champions)

2018 group placed 12 freshmen (No Champions)

2019 group placed 3 freshmen (1 Champion)


Senior who have a chance at 4 time placing

Colton Cummings of Lowell 106 (1st) – 106 (1st) – 113 (1st)

Michael DeLaPena of Merrillville 106 (3rd) – 113 (2nd) – 126 (4th)

Kyle Hatch of Warsaw Community 106 (4th) – 120 (1st) – 138 (1st)

Kyler McKinney of Princeton Community 106 (8th) – 106 (8th) – 113 (7th)

Jason Crary of Munster 113 (1st) – 126 (2nd) – 138 (2nd)

Jon Becker of Bellmont 113 (3rd) – 120 (4th) – 126 (6th)

Jarod Swank of Penn 138 (7th) – 152 (2nd) – 160 (3rd)

Tavonte Malone of South Bend Adams 145 (8th) – 145 (5th) – 160 (2nd)

Bryce Baumgartner of Bellmont 160 (5th) – 160 (6th) – 170 (2nd)

Senior who have a chance at 3 time placing

Jack Tolin of Chesterton 106 (5th) – DNP – 132 (4th)

Brendan Black of Hobart 120 (5th) – DNW – 132 (2nd)

Kory Cavanaugh of Penn 106 (4th) – 106 (2nd)

Riley Rasler of Prairie Heights 132 (7th) – 138 (4th)

Kassius Breathitt of South Bend Riley 145 (6th) – 152 (6th)

Garrett Griffin of Northwood 152 (5th) - DNP

Tony Busse of Bellmont 152 (8th) – 160 (5th)

Tristan Goering of South Bend Riley 160 (3rd) – 170 (3rd)

Andrew Davison of Chesterton 182 (2nd) – 182 (1st)

David Eli of Elkhart Memorial 185 (5th) – 182 (3rd)

Senior who have a chance at 2 time placing

Lucas Finger of Lowell 106 (6th)

Azariah Ellis of Zionsville 120 (5th)

Joel Byman of Ft. Wayne Carroll 120 (6th)

Datrion Vaughn of Lawrence Central 120 (7th)

Dylan DeMarco of Garrett 120 (8th)

David Roth of Center Grove 132 (7th)

Trace Manspeaker of Penn 138 (6th)

Kenny Kerrn of Jimtown 145 (1st)

Logan Coyle of Center Grove 145 (4th)

Austin Wilson of Columbus East 160 (8th)

Ismael Cornejo of Portage 170 (5th)

Joey Blakeley of Prairie Heights 182 (5th)

Caleb Hankenson of Bellmont 182 (6th)

Cameron Simmons of Lawrence Central 182 (7th)

Nate Williams of Elkhart Memorial 195 (8th)

Michael Leonard of Northwood 195 (4th)

Tyler McKeever of Ft. Wayne Carroll 220 (4th)

Robert Samuels of Lawrence North 285 (4th)

Givoni Murillo of Portage 285 (5th)

Jessie Lawson of Ft. Wayne Carroll 285 (7th)

Juniors that have placed twice

Graham Rooks of Columbus East 106 (2nd) – 120 (2nd)

Tanner DeMien of Northwood 106 (5th) – 106 (3rd)

Christian Mejia of Elkhart Memorial 106 (7th) – 113 (5th)

Dawson Combest of Columbus East 113 (6th) – 126 (7th)

Cody Crary of Munster 113 (7th) – 132 (6th)

Diego Lemley of Chesterton 138 (3rd) – 152 (4th)

Lucas Davison of Chesterton 160 (4th) – 195 (3rd)

Jonah Hays of Center Grove 160 (8th) – 170 (7th)

Cory Heinrichs of Center Grove 220 (8th) – 220 (7th)

Juniors that have placed once

Tylor Triana of Hobart 106 (3rd) – DNP

Zack Fattore of Hobart 138 (2nd) - DNP

Brandon Streck of Merrillville 220 (6th) - DNP

Brayden Shearer of Garrett 106 (4th)

Fernando Flores of Goshen 106 (7th)

John Gobeyn of Zionsville 106 (8th)

Colin Poynter of Portage 113 (3rd)

Matt Gimson of Jimtown 113 (6th)

Joey Zahl of South Bend Adams 113 (8th)

Zane Standridge of Ft. Wayne Carroll 126 (8th)

Preston Risner of Mishawaka 132 (5th)

Kris Rumph of Portage 138 (3rd)

Malik Hoover of Merrillville 138 (8th)

Chase Wilson of Princeton Community 145 (5th)

Kasper McIntosh of Portage 145 (6th)

Dante Colza V of Hobart 145 (7th)

Lucas Scott of Lowell 152 (8th)

Jordan Rader of Peru 160 (4th)

Jed Levitz of Prairie Heights 160 (7th)

Beck Davis of Garrett 195 (5th)

Maliq Carr of Lawrence North 220 (3rd)

Sophomores that have placed once

Cayden Rooks of Columbus East 106 (1st)

Brock Peele of Portage 106 (5th)

Jake Schoenegge of Columbus East 113 (4th)

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Bellmont, Bloomington South, Calumet, Center Grove, Chesterton, Columbus East, Elkhart Central, Elkhart Memorial, Ft. Wayne Carroll, Garrett, Goshen, Hobart, Jimtown, LaPorte, Lake Central, Lawrence Central, Lawrence North, Lowell, Merrillville, Mishawaka, Munster, Northwood, Penn, Peru, Portage, Prairie Heights, Princeton Community, Rochester, S.B. Adams,  S.B. Riley, Warsaw Community,  and Zionsville


As mentioned West Noble and Daville are out and replaced with Bloomington South and Elkhart Central.

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I don't think penn has ran their full squad out yet. They have one of the best coaches in the state they should be ready

I realize this , but did not want to mention anything about lineups , as I have in the past and got ridiculed . That being said , I still think they are a little down( upper weights) compared to recent years . 

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106: Fernando Flores

113: Kory Cavanaugh

120: Christian Mejia

126: Colton Cummings

132: Dawson Combest

138: Brendan Black

145: Jason Crary

152: TOSS UP Kenny Kerrn or Kyle Hatch

160: Gleason Mappes

170: Tavonte Malone

182: Lucas Davison

195: Andrew Davison

220: Eli Pokorney

285: Brandon Streck

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60 ranked wrestlers as of today along with 50 others that are on the watch list.


8 top 20 dual teams

11 of the top 20 tournament teams

Where is this list of 50 on the watch list ? Like to see this secret list .

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