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Key results on 12/10

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170: NR Thomas Penola (Zionsville) over #16 Anthony Cicciareli (Brownsburg)  at 170 2-1

170: NR Thomas Penola over #13 Jonah Hays (Center Grove)  6-5

160: NR Matthew Wertz (Zionsville) over #3 Gleason Mappes (Center Grove) #3: 6-4 SV-1

195: #14 Andrew Williamson (Zionsville) over #12 Isaac McCormick (Brownsburg): 3-2

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C. Rooks over C. Noehre 10-3

C. Rooks over S. Fair 3-1

C. Noehre over S. Fair 7-2



B. Littell over G. Rose 7-5

B. Littell over A. Viduya 5-1 OT


Perry Regional at 113 is going to be brutal with S. Turner there with these three.

With Rose, Viduya, and Turner all coming from the same sectional and all being within a few points of each other it might just come down to chance. Turner probably thought he got lucky since White moved up so much but this year is even worse for him. And I told you Carter Noehre was no joke, that kid is going to place at state barring injury. Semi-State champ anyone?

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Joe Lee dominated yesterday. No losses

152: Josh Cooper (JEFF) over Joe Lee (EMD) (Dec 5-4)[/size]


It mentioned in the MD vs. Bloomington South thread that Joe Lee wrestled at 160 yesterday and went undefeated.


What the heck going on here ? One guy says he lost , 2 guy says he's unbeaten . THE PEOPLE wants the Truth !


Solution: Wrestle off to see who's right !


And since when does IU & Purdue agree on anything ?

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