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The 2x sectional champion

Good matches at Mater Dei Holiday Classic this year?

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I have seen Escalara wrestle for a couple years now (Coached against him). He is a very solid kid. I know that in 2015 he beat a very tough Tyler Conley from Avon at a tournament 4-3. Both are 8th graders. Maybe we see that match up next year. Also saw him at middle school nationals beat Owen Sego from Indian Creek 6 to 5 last year, in a great match. But, I agree with Garcia. Don't think that he can hang with Asa yet. Not taking anything away from the kid... because he did look great. I was very impressed with Union County's drags and set ups. I also liked they way they hit Turks. Would almost cut a kid... then reach down... pull the ankle... and get a deep Turk. Pretty slick stuff.

Not talking about Escalara at this particular point. I was subjecting about Gabe Adams(113) who wasn't there yesterday. Believe me when I say I'm not taking ANYTHING away from Asa. I enjoy watching him when I can and he's the champ for a reason and even Adams may not be able to score on him. It was all wishful thinking.

Horty from Ev Memorial beat Sego earlier this season 6-5 and pinned Egli.Then at the Harrison 10 way, Horty was schooled by Adams. I believe he pinned him.(maybe TF, sorry old age and sleep deprivation causes more loss). Once again, not measuring Horty to Asa cause it's not close, but Horty has beat some top caliber wrestlers to only be schooled by Adams.

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