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What wrestling move is Indiana best known for?

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Looked like things are a little slow, so I thought I would pose a  wrestling question?   Does Indiana have a signature move that it does well and is known for and does better than the other places?   Or maybe it could be in different in each part of the state,  does the Region,  Evansville or Fort Wayne have a move that's emphasized more than others?      Of course its subjective and no wrong answers.   


I used to live in Ohio,  and they loved the "Slide by" .    What do we love in Indiana?   Maybe even list what you're teams signature move.

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Double Title Tidal Lock




Who said smart people don't wrestle!


What a great find, although it does tend to publicize who the nerds are on the board! It's awesome to see one of the countries brightest scientists correlating astrophysics to wrestling!  I had no idea he was a wrestler until doing a little more research on this and found out he was the HS captain of his team and wrestled at Harvard.  I always thought highly of Neil, but now I'm sold!



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