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Post-Season Predictions

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Woods vs Parris

In no specific order

1.) Davison vs Rypel

2.) White/Turner vs Cummings

3.) Bailey vs Hudkins

4.) Walton vs Hughes

5.) Lawrence vs McCormick

6.) Red vs Lee

I would also add triana in the mix too at 113. 7 Career losses. 6 to Cummings 1 to Davis in the quarters 1-0 Edited by ontherise219
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i predict the best wrestler wins each weight, i buy to many dip n dots, the crowd goes wild all day, y2 will still be a king, the wave gets started and dies after about three full rounds, and the best of all, indiana gets another 4 time state champ with a couple dance moves,,,

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Top 2 with scores.

106-fair over murphy 1-0

113- cummings over white 4-2 OT

120-Hildebrandt over glogouski 9-4

126- torres over bailey 5-4 UTB

132-red over lee 7-1

138-blee over coy 6-3

145- lee over timberman 10-8

152-Lawrence over Mccormick 8-3

160- covaciu over Bane 6-0

170- hughes over walton FALL

182-rypel over davison 4-3


220- woods over parris 4-1

285- streck over ? Fall

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