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Nick Lee 132 ?

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Practice??? We talking about practice???

I don't post very often on this board.  To be honest I don't post at all but I follow it religiously just like I follow High School wrestling in Indiana.  It amazes me how quickly people want to overl

I understand that some people are trolling. I guess you have the right to do that, if you please. But please be mindful that we are talking about a couple of high school kids here. Please do not bash



I have a feeling Hook already knows the answer to this post...but he isn't going to kill the suspense.

The sectional preview is completed


All I have to do is push "post"


I'll give you a couple of teasers:


1. Some people are going to be surprised by names they see, and don't see.

2. Md is in contention for the team title

3. Some kids you have never heard of will have insane records and receive high seeds

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