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Gibson Southern wins the team score with Southridge finishing 2nd.


Individual Results:



1st  - Logan Meyerholtz (SR)

2nd - Spencer Kirchgessner (SS)

3rd - Kameron Kendall (NP)

4th - Ben Waninger (HH)

5th - Max Ziller (GS)



1st - Drew Dilbeck (GS)

2nd - Cameron Fisher (NP)

3rd - Hunter Meyerholtz (SR)

4th - Carlos Stewart (PC)

5th - Davin Davis (TC)

6th - Cassie Stanton (SS)



1st - David Teague (TC)

2nd - Levi Miller (NP)

3rd - Jacob Flanagan (GS)

4th - Randy Powell (PC)

5th - Dalton Curry (TE)

6th - Price Painter (SR)



1st - Logan Dilbeck (GS)

2nd - Zack Graham (TE)

3rd - Colton Glenn (FP)

4th - Drew Dearing (SR)

5th - Trey Mucker (TC)

6th - Nathan Lamar (HH)



1st - Joe Craig (TC)

2nd - Zachary Brosmer (FP)

3rd - Michael Polen (GS)

4th - Josh Wiggins (NP)

5th - David Rogier (SR)

6th - Jerry Greer (PC)



1st - Clay Singleton (GS)

2nd - Ryan Martin (NP)

3rd - Mason Ayer (HH)

4th - Alex Irwin (TC)

5th - Luke Fleck (FP)

6th - Draven Kline (PC)



1st - Owen Ninke (HH)

2nd - Jarrett Hawhee (TC)

3rd - Joshua Thomas (FP)

4th - Austin Kane (SR)

5th - Deacon Parker (TE)

6th - Colton Gamblin (NP)



1st - Hunter Baehl (GS)

2nd - Tucker Schank (SR)

3rd - Tommy Pemberton (TE)

4th - Kaynin Capps (NP)

5th - Gavin Boyd (PC)

6th - Bo McCain (FP)



1st - Landon Fleck (FP)

2nd - Knowah Rodgers (HH)

3rd - Colton O'Neal (PC)

4th - Cole Dilbeck (GS)

5th - Isaac Nunamaker (SR)

6th - Logan Payne (SS)



1st - Jaylon Owens (PC)

2nd - Davin Songer (SR)

3rd - Kyle Hagedorn (TC)

4th - Lucas Plasse (GS)

5th - Zach Gasaway (HH)

6th - Ethan Byers (TE)



1st - Jeremy McKinley (TE)

2nd - Tyler Trent (SR)

3rd - Connor Sturgeon (SS)

4th - Parker Rose (GS)

5th - Zach Adkins (NP)

6th - Zach Butler (TC)



1st - Keith Barclay (SS)

2nd - Cade Arnold (TE)

3rd - Chris Alvey (PC)

4th - Eric Ayala (SR)

5th - Cole Workmeister (NP)

6th - Mark Sorg (GS)



1st - Jack Michel (SR)

2nd - Jake Sisk (PC)

3rd - Devin Mills (GS)

4th - Nolan Porter (HH)



1st - Cory Klem (GS)

2nd - Keith Neukam (SR)

3rd - Silas Goff (PC)

4th - Wyatt Keller (HH)

5th - Chris Cross (NP)

6th - Andrew Schuler (FP)


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I also heard that Miller lost to Bealmear from Castle last weekend.


Neal Bealmear pinned Teague last week and squeaked out a decision against Miller.  He did lose via 3rd period pin vs. Luigs of Mater Dei today.  The Castle freshman is still having a great year.

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