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Holiday Notable Results

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A few from Brownsburg at Mooresville:

120 #14 Mulkey over Hunt Yorktown #6 Fall 1:57 in the finals


182 #1 Rypel Cathedral over #14Damler #14 14-3 in the finals


195  Unranked McCormick over #4Lee Monrovia 10-2

195 Unracked McCormick over #10 Redmond Jen County 3-1

195 #5 Stewart Cathedral over Unranked McCormick 4-2 in the finals


HWT Unranked Clark over Sutton Jen County 13-3 in the finals

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nope shouldve been 3-1 cavins. wouldve changed the whole match.

Cavins had a takedown that was waived because the ref heard a buzzer from another mat and we still had 30 seconds left in the period.

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