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ISWA Meeting

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Man have not been on IndianaMat in forever and pop on for this awesome back and forth.


I hear people saying this and saying that about what they would do or how things should be run or how they are currently run.  This back and forth is so tired.  Guys, you say you don't have time to volunteer but you have ideas.  Awesome...ideas make the world go around. 


I know its cool to be the "NWO" of the Indiana Wrestling world (that reference was for Fabio and his thirst to be the next WWE Champion) but until we can come together we are just going to continue to tear the community apart.


Yes the ISWA annual meeting has always been on the 2nd weekend of Sept.  I have missed some and made some but that is the way things work.


I live on the grand O H I O down in southern Indiana and it can be tough to make it to the annual meeting but I try.  If you can't and have a strong opinion I highly recommend you contact your rep in your area to get your ideas known.


Putting them on this site is great for discussion but to make sure it gets to who it needs to, the best way is to get a hold of a rep.


If you refuse to do that I will tell yea what because I am always wanting to add more to my plate.  Someone shoot me a email with a list of your ideas and I will give them to the power to be in the ISWA for you.  I am not a board member or anything but I will try to pass along the info the best I can.  


I have wrestlers who have attended Joe's meet and love it and I am sure I will have the same this year.  I typically delegate and make sure one of our coaches is able to attend to coach them.


Also I am taking suggestions for areas in the HS arena that we as a coaches association is wanting to address.  If you have suggestions please feel free to email me with ideas and solutions.  tysongskinner@gmail.com

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