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Article: 2015 IndianaMat Hoosier Preseason Open Stud List

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Check this page frequently for updates on the studs that are entered at this year’s IndianaMat Hoosier Preseason Open. For more information on the tournament follow click the link below.

IndianaMat Hoosier Preseason Open Information


[td]1st at 288
Weight Name Grade State Credentials 2014 IHPO
109 Travis Ford-Melton 9th Illinois Fargo 2nd
109 Sean Sesnan 11th Tennessee State 2nd
109 Ty Mills 10th Indiana State 2nd
109 James Monos 12th Florida State 2nd
109 Tylan Tucker 10th Kentucky State 3rd
109 Blake Roth 10th Kentucky State 8th
109 Kory Cavanaugh 11th Indiana State Qualifier
109 Hassan Johnson 10th Illinois State Qualifier
109 Jacob Edwards 10th Ohio State Qualifier
109 Domenic Zaccone 9th Illinois Tulsa 1st
116 Justin Portillo 12th Iowa State 1st 3rd at 109
116 Colton Cummings 11th Indiana State 1st
116 Josh Venia 12th Ohio State 1st
116 Graham Rooks 10th Indiana State 3rd
116 Tucker Hurst 12th Kentucky State 4th
116 Tylor Triana 10th Indiana State 5th
116 Jack Medley 11th Michigan State 7th
116 Brandon Miller 10th Kentucky State 7th
116 Klayton Anderson 10th Indiana State Qualifier 4th at 109
116 Jabin Wright 11th Indiana State Qualifier
116 Chad Craft 11th Ohio State Qualifier
116 Lukus Stricker 11th Ohio State Qualifier
116 Cainan Schaefer 11th Indiana State Qualifier
116 Hunter Ryan 10th Ohio State Qualifier
116 Max Neiling 10th Ohio State Qualifier
123 Joshua Portillo 12th Iowa State 1st 1st at 116
123 Justin Stickley 12th Ohio State 2nd
123 Tony DeCesare 12th Ohio State 2nd 2nd at 116
123 Ryan Moore 10th Kentucky State 3rd
123 Will Egli 11th Indiana State 4th
123 Chase Craft 11th Ohio State 8th
123 Cameron Diep 12th Indiana State 8th
123 Cameron Lathem 12th Ohio State 8th 1st at 123
123 Kyle French 11th Michigan State Qualifier
123 Ricky Jefferson 11th Michigan State Qualifier
123 Brandon Robinson 12th Michigan State Qualifier
123 Jon Anderson 11th Indiana State Qualifier
123 Matthew Berlin 11th Wisconsin State Qualifier
123 Mason Miranda 10th Indiana State Qualifier
123 Caleb Bocock 12th Indiana State Qualifier
129 Keegan Duncan 12th Kentucky State 1st
129 Zane Brown 9th Kentucky State 2nd
129 Gaige Torres 12th Indiana State 2nd
129 Breyden Bailey 11th Indiana State 3rd 3rd at 116
129 Joey Roberts 11th Kentucky State 3rd
129 John Siemasz 11th Michigan State 3rd
129 Abdullah Assaf 11th Illinois State 3rd
129 Drew Marten 11th Michigan State 4th
129 Carlos Champagne 10th Illinois State 5th
129 Hunter Langeloh 12th Indiana State 7th
129 Mitch MacTavish 12th Illinois State Qualifier
129 Luke Wymer 10th Ohio State Qualifier
129 Isaac Gomez 12th Indiana State Qualifier
135 Matt Santos 11th Michigan State 1st
135 Justin Folley 12th Wisconsin State 1st
135 Ethan Woods 11th Michigan State 2nd
135 Zach Melloh 10th Indiana State 4th
135 Garrett Lambert 12th Ohio State 5th
135 Hunter Weeks 11th Florida State 6th
135 Jacob Henley 11th Kentucky State 7th
135 Jason Crary 11th Indiana State 7th
135 Brendan Black 11th Indiana State 8th
135 Max Ward 10th Wisconsin State Qualifier
135 Blake Strawsma 12th Indiana State Qualifier
135 Owen Doster 12th Indiana State Qualifier
135 Triston Rodriguez 12th Indiana State Qualifier
135 Mitchell Skleres 11th Ohio State Qualifier
135 JD Stickley 10th Ohio 4th at 116
141 Sam Moore 12th West Virginia State 2nd
141 Ryan Ford 12th Ohio State 3rd 2nd at 141
141 Nick Wise 12th Kentucky State 4th
141 Trent Johnson 10th Kentucky State 4th
141 Jimmy McAuliffe 11th Illinois State 5th
141 Brett Bastianelli 11th Michigan State 6th
141 Lenny Petersen 11th Illinois State 6th
141 Kolten Radaz 12th Michigan State 7th
141 Drew Mandell 12th Michigan State 8th
141 Nick Ellis 12th Indiana State 8th
141 David Marlow 11th Missouri State Qualifier
141 Brendan Fitzgerald 12th Ohio State Qualifier
141 Noah Mattin 11th Ohio State Qualifier
141 Doug Ferrier 10th Michigan State Qualifier
148 Zachary Blevins 12th Michigan State 2nd [/td]
148 Jordan Vaughn 12th Indiana State 2nd 4th at 135
148 Mason Smith 10th Kentucky State 3rd
148 Jose Champagne 12th Illinois State 3rd 2nd at 148
148 Joe Koontz 11th Ohio State 4th
148 Trent Pruitt 12th Indiana State 5th
148 Joshua Heil 12th Ohio State 7th 1st at 135
148 Kyle Hatch 11th Indiana State 7th
148 Kasper McIntosh 10th Indiana State 8th
148 Ryley Regan 12th Ohio State 8th
148 Michael Ordonez 12th Illinois State Qualifier
148 Doug Levitz 12th Indiana State Qualifier
148 Dylan Buis 12th Ohio State Qualifier
148 Austen Laughlin 12th Indiana State Qualifier
148 Hunter Berry 10th Ohio State Qualifier
155 Trevor Watkins 12th Illinois State 1st(VA)
155 Hunter Jones 12th West Virginia State 2nd
155 Steven Lawrence 12th Indiana State 2nd 3rd at 148
155 Derrick Smallwood 10th Kentucky State 3rd
155 Tanner Gonzalez 11th Michigan State 7th
155 Gerad Bott 11th Michigan State 8th
155 Isaiah Michaels 12th Indiana State Qualifier
155 Emil Soehnlen 10th Ohio State Qualifier
163 Drew Hughes 12th Indiana State 1st 1st at 155
163 Nick Kiussis 11th Ohio State 2nd 1st at 148
163 Max Andreoni 11th Kentucky State 2nd
163 Cayden Whitaker 12th Indiana State 7th
163 Kyle Humphries 12th Michigan State 8th
163 Cameron Lopez 12th Illinois State Qualifier
163 Jarod Swank 11th Indiana State Qualifier
173 Casey Cornett 11th Kentucky State 3rd
173 Levi Sabin 12th Michigan State 5th
173 Zachary Davis 12th Indiana State Qualifier
173 Josh Garman 12th Indiana State Qualifier
173 Jake Ruberg 11th Indiana State Qualifier
173 Hunter Mote 12th Indiana State Qualifier 3rd at 173
173 Matt McFarland 12th Ohio State Qualifier
173 Ismael Cornejo Jr. 11th Indiana State Qualifier
185 Kyle Betourne 12th Illinois State 1st 1st at 185
185 Kaleb Rippy 12th Tennessee State 3rd
185 Cameron Jones 12th Indiana State 7th
185 Connor Williams 11th Wisconsin State Qualifier 11th
185 Andy Kohler 12th Indiana State Qualifier
198 Blake Rypel 12th Indiana State 1st 12th
198 Jake Kleimola 12th Indiana State Qualifier 12th
198 Stefan Zuric 12th Illinois State Qualifier
198 Michael Bujacz 12th Illinois 4th at 198
223 Brandon Reed 11th Kentucky State 2nd
223 Evan Ellis 11th Indiana State 8th 2nd at 223
223 Grant Martin 12th Ohio State 8th
223 Justin Akers 11th Indiana State Qualifier
223 Clayton Scroggs 11th Indiana State Qualifier
288 Christopher Ridle 12th Indiana


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