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Fargo Line Up

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Hopefully I'll have some previews up this weekend at least of freestyle




Wrestler Name Weight Class Styles
Sam Fair C 100 FS
Gavyn Doane C 106 FS/GR
Clay Egli C 106 FS/GR
Ian Dembowski C 113 FS 
Colin Poynter C 113 FS/GR
Carson Willis C 120 FR/GR
Ethan Smiley C 120 FR
Jared Clark C 126 FS 
Zach Bartosz C 126 FR/GR
Curtis Collins C 126 FR/GR
Carson Somerville C 132 FR/GR
Chase Wilson C 138 FS/GR
Joe Lee C 138 FS/GR
Brayton Lee C 138 FS 
Diego Lemley C 138 FR
Joshua Foster C 145 FS
Logan Coyle C 145 FS
Riley White C 145 FR
Gleason Mappes C 152 FR
Rockne Hurley C 160 FS/GR
Kameron Fuller C 160 FS/GR
Jacob Gray C 170 FS
Ashton Smith C 170 FR/GR
Andrew Chapman C 170 FR/GR
Noah Cressell C 170 FR/GR
Andrew Davison C 182 FR/GR
Jaden Sonner C 195 FS 
Garrison Lee C 195 FR/GR
Cameron Welti C 220 FS/GR
Wrestler age weight Style
Reid Hutson junior 113 freestyle
Drew Hildebrandt junior 113 freestyle
Joshua Stephenson junior 120 both
Garrett Pepple junior 120 freestyle
Kaleb Guzior junior 120 freestyle
Eric Owens junior 120 freestyle
Jeremiah Reitz junior 126 freestyle
Michael DeLaPena junior 126 freestyle
Austin Holmes junior 126 freestyle
Brock Hudkins junior 126 freestyle
Luke Schliesmann junior 132 Greco
Jack Tolin junior 132 freestyle
Matt McKinney junior 132 freestyle
Dj Brookbank junior 132 Greco
Tristan Dembowski junior 132 freestyle
Evan Eldred junior 138 freestyle
Johnny Loos junior 138 freestyle
Kyle Todrank junior 138 freestyle
Brandon James junior 138 freestyle ?
Logan Hurley junior 138 greco ?
Jeffrey Prescott junior 145 Greco
Noah Warren junior 145 ?
Austen Laughlin junior 145 ?
Jose Champagne junior 152 freestyle ?
Jacob Covaciu junior 160 freestyle
Thomas Dull junior 170 freestyle
Denzyl Prentice junior 170 freestyle
Dylan Lydy junior 170 freestyle
Jacob Farmer junior 170 freestyle
Anthony Ruhana junior 182 Greco
Cameron Jones junior 182 freestyle ?
Max Burris junior 220 Greco
Evan Ellis junior 220 freestyle
Brendan Sutton junior 285 both
Shawn Streck junior 285 freestyle
*Note that these are subject to change so they are not 100% set in stone.

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