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Top 3 or Top 4 at Central Regional?

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I don't know how many times I can say this: Y2 wasn't the only person disappointed by this ordeal.  The previous thread (and nearly every conversation I had at state) showed many people are upset.


ISWA just created an unfair situation.  Many of us emailed and called in March and asked if there were going to be exceptions to the 2 tournament qualifier.  Folks either did not receive a response or were told no exceptions.  


Then on April 29, the waiver letter comes out and a bunch of exceptions are made.  Now we have unqualified wrestlers (meaning those without 2 tournaments) who placed high and are going to Fargo or Schoolboy Duals.


I think the ISWA will be fine in the long run if they improve communication moving forward.  But there is no arguing this was a raw deal for those who obeyed the rule.  And there is no debating that folks are going to be quite skeptical of obeying rules for the next few years because the organization showed membership that rules really don't matter right now. 


To have one kid go to Fargo whose family spent $400 to travel to Indy to get a fs qualifier in and another kid go to Fargo who didn't wrestling a single fs qualifier because he had prom is not fair.  And it is not fair solely because the ISWA created this situation.  Everything will be fine for the ISWA so long as they as they engage membership in more online (facebook, twitter, etc.) discussion and there is never a repeat of this again.  

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