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ISWA needs to be put on notice!

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How many by-laws can you count that have been broken or misrepresented?


C) To make the disciplines of Amateur Wrestling available to all persons who qualify and are

registered with the ISWA.

D) To promote and protect the mutual interest of it’s registered members and constituent


E) To cooperate with other groups and organizations in the promotion of Amateur Wrestling.

F) To seek sources of local support including but not limited to:

1. Junior and Senior High School facilities, coaches meeting places.

2. YMCA and YWCA

3. Boys and Girls Clubs


5.Parks and Recreation Departments


7.Local Parents Groups

8.Former Wrestlers

9.News Media

G) To govern and control the conduct of all Amateur Wrestling meets and activities held

under the sanction of the ISWA as prescribed by the National Governing Body for

Wrestling, with ISWA modifications.

H) To review and update policies and procedures relating to the corporations wrestling

program.To obtain, train and certify qualified personnel to carry out the programs of the ISWA.

J)To develop plans for effective communications with the local media for coverage and

assist with the wrestling program.

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