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Copper Coaches Clinic

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I know the background check that I had through the USA wrestling system, just took a couple days. I would go ahead and do it, since you'll need it for your copper card anyway. 


From the copper card page on USA Wrestling:


Participants must be a current member of USA Wrestling and must have a successful background check completed before attending the clinic.  Please allow 7-10 days for background checks to be completed before attending a certification course.

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Calling Mike Clayton @ USAW right now about this and will update the thread as soon as I know.  What I do know about the new roll out:


Key changes: 

Content – Updated content now complies with the US Olympic Committee “Complies with National Standards” program.


Length of course – 6 hours (will be no mention of an “abbreviated” course for any reason).


Video clips – They have added video clips from elite coaches, athletes and subject matter experts. No internet is required to view the videos.


Interactive – There will be a few sections of the course where we can break participants into groups for small team or individual sessions.


Testing – Test questions are now given at the end of each module in the power point and they reflect key points we want participants to take-away. Oral not written.


Links – Hundreds of links have been added throughout the program that will allow participants to come back and learn more in depth concepts of all training topics. The bronze course has 8 modules that cover 40 standards of coaching.


Submitting Rosters – We now fill out an Excel document at the end of the clinic to register and submit (via email) our participants for their bronze certification. The information requires USA Wrestling Member ID Number. All instructors will have the ability to look up members ID numbers. Coaches will get their bronze hard card, certificate and gift hat within 2-3 weeks of submission.  (I personally will submit at the end of class)


Bronze Certification - USAW is also working hard to provide a bronze on-demand online program for coaches who are unable to attend in-person classes (similar to the Copper online program).


Silver Certification – They are working to make certifying at the Silver and Gold level easier to understand. 


Coaches Cards - To print membership card online, once the coach has his/her background check and current year’s membership completed, at www.TheMat.com:

1.    Click on Membership
2.    Login to Membership
3.    Enter USA Wrestling Member ID and Password
4.    Click "Login"
5.    Go the upper right hand corner and click on "Profile"
6.    Scroll down to "Coach Data"
7.    Click on "Print Card"
If the member has a current background check and coach card for the year, they can print their coach card and it will reflect the certification level that coach has achieved.  If they would like to purchase a replacement hard card, they can do that at this link:
Other - USAW has updated the website so coaches can find information more easily. Area coaches who are already bronze certified but want to review the new course info via www.TheMat.com – click on “Coaches” and click “Educational Resources.”  
The bronze slides are linked toward the bottom of the page. The full link is here at: http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Coaches/Educational-Resources

This link will NOT certify a coach as bronze level certified. It is provided only as a way coaches can refresh the info they have already learned. 
It is 100% fine to direct coaches who are not certified to the site to improve their skills but viewing the videos does NOT constitute certification.




1.       Educational Resources – a complete list of new resources and links for all coaches to utilize at: http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Coaches/Educational-Resources

2.       Core Curriculum – free video of Folkstyle, Freestyle and Greco techniques, drills, games and practice plans:http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Coaches/Core-Curriculum

3.       New bronze clinic videos as a refresher for previously certified bronze coaches: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6bg7PB0dnS5M3bj77nhTSnfn_PYI3Y42

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Thanks Coach Hull and Coach Slaymon,


Per ISWA flyer there is a clinic on March 6. Can you confirm there is still a 2 hour clinic on Friday, March 6 at BD prior to Folkstyle State? Or have the new requirements ("Length of course – 6 hours (will be no mention of an “abbreviated” course for any reason)") already started?


Thanks for your time.

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Copper Clinic

Posted on ISWA.com yesterday, if anyone besides me is interested.


This Friday Nick Hull, ISWA’s RTC Director will be leading the Folkstyle State’s Annual Copper Clinic. The cost is $40 and will be held on-site at Ben Davis High School. Registration is 6:30pm-7:00pm. Clinic time is 7pm-9pm. Cash or credit card will be accepted.

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