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Wrestling Clubs - Results

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Maurer Coughlin Wrestling Club


106 Levi Miller - state qualifier
113 Kyle Luigs - 6th place finish
120 Will Egli - 4th place finish...
126 Alex Johnson - state qualifier
138 Joe Lee - state runner up
138 Kyle Todrank - 4th place finish
145 Patrick Schnell - state qualifier
152 Isaiah Kemper - 3rd place finish
160 Tristen McDaniels - state qualifier

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Thank god for clubs. Clearly, none of these aforementioned guys' high school coaches are any good.

So true!


It is a slippery slope to answer questions about academy results.  In our opinion, Chertow is the greatest at promoting what he does...and anyone that has drove past a Chertow camp and won a big tourney, gets their name in the flyer as Chertow trained! ha!


In the couple academies that we've been associated with, we have had kids that trained with us A LOT and others that would just come and get some extra workouts in and for the most part, we had a good relationship with a kids and their 'home school' coaches.  Our philosophy has always been to help a wrestler to the best of our ability, but within the parameters of what his coach wants first and his parents want second. (it can get really difficult when a hs coach and parent disagree!)

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I agree with Coach P.  At Indiana Pride, we will put up rough numbers as some use us primarily and others as supplemental training.  Loyalty has a lot to do with it as well.  The most interesting bridge we encounter is aligning expectations with their primary coach, whether it be their high school coach or their other club/academy coach.  Most of our parents understand we are the "experts" so they generally just hand over the reins.  


The American problem is our athletes have way too many coaches as it is, which can be a good thing in getting different looks, but can also be detrimental because too many philosophies and techniques can hinder the athlete. There is a fine line.  Whereas in Iran and Russia for example, they generally have one coach for their entire career. If a province or region athlete makes the national team then a national team coach will just sit in the corner with the original coach.


Either way, we try and work with their primary coach as much as possible on aligning expectations to ensure the athlete is maximizing their potential and we are working in unison to get them better.  We have a proven system but want to make sure we are reinforcing their system as well.  There can be challenges with this, but overall it can be a fun experience as iron sharpens iron and everyone can grow as a result. 

Edited by Coach Hull
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Coach Hull,


I am not a guy that would post what the Iranians or Russians usually have for their coaching lineage, but I have grown up coaching in NWI and now central Indiana.  


I was thinking more about not pissing off guys from areas like Calumet, Lake Station, or Indy west side can so I can make a our room look more attractive to future 'customers' of our club! ha!

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I got you Coach.  Different boats but headed in the same direction in the same waters.  Just putting it out there about IPWA and for our valued readers.  CUSAW is headed towards big things either way!  Heck, I know I am coming to see you and Wade myself!  I'm trying to learn!!!

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Penn Xtreme Gold

Drew Hildebrandt: 2nd

Mike Higley (MI D2)- Edwardsburg: at state

Austin Franco (MI D2)- Lakeshore: at state

Carlos Champagne (IL D2)- Marian: 5th

Breyden Bailey- Cathedral: 3rd

Tony Vaughn- Elk Mem: SQ

Drew Hughes- Lowell: Champ

Jose Champagne (IL D2)- Marian: 3rd

Joey Mammolenti: 5th

Blake Rypel- Cathedral: Champ

Kobe Woods: Champ


Penn Xtreme Black

Kory Cavanaugh: SQ

Jarod Swank: SQ

Cory Christman: 5th

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Thank god for clubs. Clearly, none of these aforementioned guys' high school coaches are any good.

Im amazed at some of the talented freshman kids stepping in.   Im sure there's a lot of coaches that arent complaining about having state level freshman walk into their lineup.    Most of the top teams are surrounded by top level clubs.   But maybe this is not coincidence as I bet top high school coaches are involved with the devolopment of the clubs.  

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Lol. I got your back Wade.  Think Steve Young after Joe Montana.  You're the truth.


@WrestlingScholar, I think everything you are insinuating is true.  Clubs/Academies do play a good part in the quality of our younger kids AND top level coaches ARE involved in their programs year round.  Clearly, I am biased, but I know for a fact we help kids at Indiana Pride make larger strides in the sport when sometimes circumstances, at a middle school program for example, are not meeting the expectations of a parent.  I've had parents call me in tears because their son or daughter went backwards during the scholastic season.  On the other hand, you have coaches like Harper, Tonte, Pendowski, Red, Snyder, Williams, Schaefer, Seltzer, Blevins, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. who put in the time and the results speak for themselves.


At the same time, I think there are also more opportunities and tools for our kids to develop as well, like the internet for example.  I didnt have the internet coming up and didnt utilize my first email address until I was a sophomore in college.  But now if kids want to see advanced techniques, they can log on to Flo. If they want to track competition they can go Trackwrestling. If they want to see this competition they can hit YouTube. These are just a few examples.  Does anyone remember Encyclopedias?  Now it's Google.  With a standard smartphone our kids literally have the world in the palms of their hands now.  They can see more of what greatness looks like and therefore it is easier to model. Information is golden. 


All I had in high school was the "Indiana Grappler" magazine and the rankings came out on cheap little tri-fold.  I remember trying to model the "Featured Technique" in the USA Wrestling newspaper but couldn't quite figure out how he got from position 2 to 3.  I still love the afros and mullets though. Lol.

Edited by Coach Hull
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AJ,    I get better everyday, tougher everyday, stronger everyday, faster everyday, and better looking everyday.


Coach Hull, thanks for having my back.    Ed just likes to poke fun because I have a better haircut than him.


Everybody else in case you are wondering... An ISWA Card is required to attend Carmel USA Wrestling Club workouts.   We look forward to seeing all the high school guys start filtering back into the room starting this Sunday and in the coming weeks.

Edited by Wade McClurg
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Current RWA members @2015 IHSAA State Series


Colton Cummings (10) - 106 lbs - State Champion
Tommy Forte (12) - 152 lbs - State Champion
Drew Hughes (11) - 160 lbs - State Champion
Darden Shurg (12) - 160 lbs - 2nd Place
Tylor Triana (9) - 106 lbs - 5th Place
Andrew Davison (10) - 182 lbs - 5th Place
Nick Fowler (12) - 195 lbs - 6th Place
Jason Crary (10) - 126 - 7th Place
Rickie Rodriguez (12) - 113 - State Qualifier
Jeremiah Reitz (10) - 120 - State Qualifier
Brendan Black (10) - 120 - State Qualifier
Chris Diaz (12) - 126 - State Qualifier
Zach Donaldson (12) - 132 - State Qualifier
Riley Akers (12) - 138 - State Qualifier
Daylan Schurg (11) - 145 - State Qualifier
Mike Krzyston (12) - 152 - State Qualifier
Jake Kleimola (11) - 182 - State Qualifier
Justin Akers (10) - 195 - State Qualifier

Current RWA Members @2015 IHSA(IL) State Series

Rudy Yates (11) - 126 - 3A State Champion
Dan Swan (12) - 126 - 2A State Champion
Jake Silzer (11) - 120 - 3A 3rd Place
Richard Townsell (11) - 126 - 3A 3rd Place
Mousa Jodeh (12) - 138 - 2A 3rd Place
Jose Champagne (11) - 152 - 2A 3rd Place
Robbie Precin (9) - 113 - 3A 4th Place
Francis Edelen (12) - 113 - 2A 5th Place
Alan Durham (12) - 120 - 2A 5th Place
Carlos Champagne (9) - 126 - 2A 5th Place
Brian Krasowski (11) - 170 - 3A 5th Place
Kaleb Guzior (10) - 113 - 3A 6th Place
Frank Tomaskovic (12) - Hwt - 2A 6th Place
Mike Zamiar (12) - 106 - 2A State Qualifier
Josh Jones (10) - 120 - 2A State Qualifier
Johnny Mologousis (10) - 145 - 3A State Qualifier
Jakada Hull (12) - 152 - 3A State Qualifier
Cameron Lopez (11) - 170 - 3A State Qualifier
Joe Robinson (12) - 170 - 3A State Qualifier

Edited by MCKAJC
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Just curious, most coaches encourage their kids to wrestle off season and even go work with the great academies that we have around the state. But how many coaches are ok with other coaches coming to check it out? I think it's not just on the kids to improve but the coaches as well. As a young coach I agree will Coach Gill, to watch some of these other top notch coaches in our state would be a great experience.

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Cash has been blessed with the opportunity to train with several Coaches in the state of Indiana , Kentucky , Ohio and Illinois . He however has primarily / exclusively trained with Jim and Jordin Humphrey since he was 10 years old . Jordin Humphrey has been the most instrumental in Tommy's success but has also grown a lot with Coach Brian Seltzer the last two years . He has an awesome team that work together for the betterment of their wrestler without an ego issue . They both get great satisfaction out of the success of their wrestlers rather than self glorification. .

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CUSAWC starts today 6:45-8:15.  Our dues are $50 per month with a two month agreement required and it's monthly after that. 


We are excited about the addition of Cody Phillips to CUSAWC workouts!  Cody is a 2 X IHSAA State Champion and Flonationals runner up before wrestling for University of Minnesota.  Snow will keep him from being in the room today, but we look forward to him bringing his skills to our room.

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So what are the different prices for some of the different Clubs/Academies?

For my two boys it's in the neighborhood of $95 per month each. And considering the cost of some of the other Academies in the area, I feel like I'm stealing.... LOL! If you look at the list of RWA kids that attend everyday I think you'll agree it's going to be tough to find a more competitive room. In addition to the bodies I listed, there is also a group of 6-8 kids from Michigan(all state placers)that make the drive twice a week. And then there's the coaching staff. Which speaks for itself. They do a great job of limiting the number of bodies as well in order to make instruction time more productive. They also allow parents to watch. Which is a great opportunity to watch some of IN, IL and Michigans best wrestlers roll. Just a great environment all the way around for everyone. Unfortunately, I believe they are at capacity for this session. Edited by MCKAJC
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PANKO Strength & Speed is not a wrestling academy, but has helped a lot of wrestlers create their own success stories.


Since 2011, 37 State Qualifiers have supplemented their strength and speed training and conditioning at PANKO Strength & Speed, that includes 19 State Placewinners, 12 Top 4 Placings, 3 Runners Up and 3 State Champions. 


Follow PANKO Strength & Speed on Instagram


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