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Who will be the top freshman next season?

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here are some off top of my head, that i know are 8th grader. There is some more good wrestlers, not sure if they are 7th or 8th graders

School how they have done at MS State (that I know of)

Ray Rioux (3rd, 2nd)
Trey Lane (2nd, 1st, 1st)
Asa Garcia (3rd, 2nd, 1st)
Carson Brewer (2nd, 1st)
Nathan Conley (1st in 2015)

Sam Fair (multi placer)

Columbus East-
Cayden Rooks (1st in 2014)
Jake Schoenegge (1st in 2015)

Jennings Cty-
Brooks Wathen (1st in 2015)

Brayden Curtis (2nd)

Indian Creek-
Alex Mosconi (1st in 2013, placer in 2015)

Bloomington South-
Lukaz Walendzak (3rd, 2nd)

Region (Not sure which School)
Alex Hirschfield (1st in 2015)

Crown Point-
Jacob Moran (2nd, 1st)

Andrew Black of Shenandoah (multi placer)

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Avons looks like they will be pretty tough

Avon also has Camden Chatterton (placer MS State), Caden Hubner (placer MS State), Tree Reyonlds and Tyler Miner (placer MS State) coming in next year


I know Hudner (knee), Miner (neck) have missed some time with injuries over the past year

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Shenendoah will be solid down low

Cathedral has some studs coming in I belive.

Nice with. Bailey, rypel, melloh,turner guhl and little guhl Stewart little Stewart Returning if they can a couple talented freshman they could make another run at the title. But Some of the guys are bunching up around 25/35
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It is easy to pick 106 and 113 kids to be Freshman greats. 1 want to see 145 and up freshman greats. Avon Carson Brewer is my first pick. Avon Caben Hubner is my second pick. 


Last year at State Bryce B. 160 Bellmont, G Larson 220 Avon and O. Perkins 285 Oak Hill were the only 3 freshman above 160 at state?


This year it stopped at 182 with Parris, Lawrenceburg and Hammond, Whiteland. Walton, BB placed at 170 and Rader qualified from Peru at 160. 


Any FR making it to state above that 160 line is hard to see. Parris was easier to see for most. You might have been laughed out of the gym picking any of the others, who proved a lot people wrong. 


Not sure if Tonte made it last year from PM? If so, it was a great accomplishment. 


Mappes a FR from Center Grove qualified at 152 this year and that also was a great accomplishment. 

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