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Is broardcastsport.net going to carry the state finals like in the past or is Fox Sports the only way to watch? It appears that the Fox Sports coverage isn't up in the Elkhart area. Maybe I'm missing something but we can't find anything.

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i'll be springing for trackcast and will post here if it works


It worked fine during the Team State duals, except for a little server overload during the Nick Lee and Joe Lee - Brandon James matches.  Hopefully they've got that worked out in prep for larger demand this weekend.

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Go to Trackwrestling.

Click then click on event or directly to Trackcast.

Subscribe to the video service (you will need to have a free Trackwrestling account).

Pay the $5 credit/debit card fee.

Your set to view the event on Trackcast.


You can then either click on the mat you would like to view through dashboard (upper right hand corner of each mat feed) or at the opening screen for the event just open up the mat your interested in watching. In order to match multiple mats at the same time you will need to open up an entirely new web browser/window and repeat the previous steps then shrink down the window and video size (settings in top right corner of video) in order to fit multiple mats on one screen.

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1. Go to "myCast" and register for a username and password.

2. search for 2015 ihsaa state finals (the ones in Indiana, not Iowa). 

3. When the tourney opens, you will be asked right away if you want to subscribe to trackcast.  Click subscribe and it will walk you through how to pay the $5 by credit card. 


It really is a great setup...to have 4 separate windows open, all with live scoreboards and clocks.  Just leave sound on for whichever announcer you think is the goofiest and it's not a bad start toward feeling a little like you're there with all the excited cheers and the guy next to you inevitably jabbering about all his wrestling opinions and knowledge.

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If Uncle Darrell had been treated by the IHSAA like other companies that broadcast, he would still be broadcasting the State Finals.


For Instance the Regulations governing broadcasting of IHSAA events clearly states: 


The following internet stations will not be granted permission to webcast from IHSAA

Tournament Series events:

(B) Subscription-based internet sites.


But Trackwrestling is allowed to charge a subscription fee?  Getting advertising dollars for wrestling is worse than pulling teeth.  Even though by far wrestling provides the largest audience of any sport that we ever broadcast.  Too bad we weren't allowed to let our fans help pay our broadcast expenses.


It's just another case of the powers-that-be changing the rules to suit their best interests, not the sport.  We used to do 2 sectionals, 2 regionals and 2 Semi-states in addition to the State Finals.  Now how many of those same events have live video coverage?


In our meetings with them, it was very obvious that the only events that are important to be covered is the Big Dance.  It's not important to promote the other athletes who don't quite get that far.


Although if we hadn't broadcasted the State Finals for 9 years in a row, do you think anyone would be broadcasting anything but the Final 14 matches?


Now that I have broken my arm patting our backs, I will sign off.

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does any one have live feed yet? also what time do the finals start and will the live feed switch to some other site?  any help on this would be great.  thanks

cons at 5  at trackwrestling

finals at 7:30  at ihsaa.org and on tv if you are able



Paid but says "no playable source found" any suggestions? Or am i being robbed?

I think their system crashed.  Been watching all morning and now nothing.

worked great for me all day


Will Trackcast be showing the introductions before the finals ??

don't think so...ihsaa.org or tv should have it

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